You might be thinking to yourself, “What can I use cigarette boxes for that I haven’t thought of?” The truth is, there are plenty of unusual and interesting uses for boxes that you may not have considered.

Decorate Your Home with Cigarette Boxes

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting decor item for your home, look no further than the ubiquitous cigarette box! Here are some creative and unusual uses for these once-trashy containers that will surprise and delight you:

Make a beautiful photo frame out of a vintage cigarette box. All you need is some sturdy wire or plastic to back it up, some pretty glass photos, and a few screws (or nails if you don’t have screws).

  1. Create an elegant side table by filling a tall vintage cigarette box with fresh flowers and votives. Alternatively, use a plain old box as part of an eclectic home office desk ensemble.
  2. Transform an old cigar cabinet into a stylish display case for fine china or crystal by using several vintage cigarette boxes wholesale as shelves. You can also fill the spaces between the boxes with various objets d’art to give your cabinet added flair.
  3. Make a fun sensory toy for the kiddos by filling a large old cigar box with small toys that they can grab and play with. Be sure to include plenty of non-toxic materials like rubber bands and balls so that little fingers stay safe!
  4. Turn an old speaker dock into something super special and unique by decorating it partially or entirely with vintage cigarettes. This DIY project is sure to turn heads when you install it in your home!

Make a Portable Table with a Cigarette Box

Making a Portable Table with a Cigarette Box is an interesting idea that you can use to have an extra table when you need it. All you need is a cigarette box and some wood. You can make the table by cutting the top off of the cigarette box and then making a frame out of wood to hold it up. You can then attach the tabletop to the frame using screws or nails. This is an easy way to have an extra table when you need it, and it looks great too!

Make A Custom Lamp Out Of A Cigarette Box

When you’re feeling creative, there are plenty of unique and interesting uses for boxes that you may not have thought of. For example, one Reddit user turned a discarded cigarette box into a makeshift lamp. All he did was cut a hole in the top and inserted a lightbulb. The result is an inexpensive and stylish lamp perfect for any room.

Another person used a recycled cigarette box to make a decorative vase. Cut the bottom off of the box so that it forms a sharp edge, then use a utility knife to score around the inside circumference of the lid. Use this edge to break up the surface of the vase’s interior until it resembles pottery shards. You can then fill the vase with water or plants and enjoy your new creative flower arrangement!

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to creating unique and interesting lamps using discarded boxes. If you have some extra boxes lying around, give one of these creative ideas a try!

Use a Cigarette Box as an ornament

If you’re looking for an interesting, unique, and creative ornament for your tree this holiday season, consider using a cigarette box! This simple yet chic decoration can be made using any old cigarette box (or even a newly-opened one) and some wool or fake fur fabric. Here are 5 amazing ideas for using a cigarette box as an ornament:

  1. Make a smoking jacket – Cut the top off of the cigarette box, leaving enough room to put your arms in. Then, cut out two pieces of fabric that will cover your upper arms from shoulder to wrist. Sew the fabric together so that it forms a jacket-like shape. Finally, hem the bottom of the jacket so that it covers your feet when you wear it.
  2. Create a hanging necklace – Take another piece of fabric and fold it in half lengthwise. Sew the two ends together so that you have a long “string” with a loop at one end. Thread the loop through one of the holes on either side of the top of the cigarette box, then hang the necklace from the loop!
  3. Decorate cookies with smoker’s ashes – Combine 2 tablespoons of sugar with 1/4 teaspoon of salt to make what is called “smoker’s ashes.” Sprinkle these ashes over cookies before baking them, and watch as they turn into distinctive ash marks!
  4. Make a wreath – Arrange several branches from a living tree inside the open lid of your cigarette box.