Escape games have remained a sensational form of entertainment for quite some time. People of all ages and walks of life can relieve their worries and anxieties as they enjoy these games. Nowadays, alongside traditional escape room games, online escape room experiences are also becoming popular amongst players.

The virtual Hourglass Escapes usually run on a virtual video conferencing platform, where players from different localities can join for an immersive adventure. Remote escape games are great for team-building while also acting as an excellent way for old friends or family members to reunite.

In this article, we have compiled 15 cool online escape rooms you will enjoy playing with your team. Read on to know more:

  • Online Game Night 

Filled with a diverse set of puzzles and challenges, ranging from spy to family feuds, your team must compete head-to-head to win this game. Be careful, for the game may include a few sudden deaths (oops!). So, are you ready to escape the room in time?

  • Modern Genius Escape Game

The game follows a fun plot that Elon Musk lovers (and haters) will enjoy. You see, the crazy billionaire Ilan Tusk has invented a teleportation device and has gone missing. You must journey throughout his mansion to find and solve clues that will help you to ng him back. With only 55 minutes in hand to solve the game, are you ready?

  •  Lost in the Arctic Escape 

Something mysterious has happened at the stranded arctic research station. Now it rests upon you and your team to investigate the matter. Especially for horror lovers, this can be a great gaming experience!

  • Desert Island 

You and your team will find yourselves stuck on a deserted island. Despite its beautiful scenario, you need to escape in time by solving the immersive puzzles and riddles in the game. Do you think you can run this remote paradise before it is too late?

  • Destination Unknown 

Destination Unknown is an exciting spy-themed remote escape game. Work with your team as secret agents to solve the intricately-designed clues, riddles, and puzzles in time. You need to find all the hidden codes, hints, and answers to unleash the location of the secret headquarters in time.

  • The Redemption Game

It is the perfect virtual team activity to increase team collaboration and creative thinking abilities. The district has chosen you and your team to participate in the game and come out as worthy champions. The engaging plot and the game’s stunning graphics will draw you in, making you forget your immediate reality.

  •  Grand Theft Escape 

Grand Theft Escape offers unique remote escape room challenges to your team. All your team has is an hour to solve the puzzling mystery of Mr. Gautheri’s wager. But wait, it won’t be as easy, for another inventor has also joined in, increasing the competitive atmosphere. Do you think you will succeed?

  •  Project Avatar

The game brings together your traditional escape room experience and the fun of video games with a theatrical twist. You and your team must discover all the artifacts and solve the hidden riddles through your game avatar. While you can play together in cooperation, your team may also choose to split into smaller groups to solve the different puzzles. Gear up for your game, is about to begin!

  •  Monster Hunters Academy

A mythical creature has defeated your Professor Corso. Now, you and your team, students of the renowned Monster Hunters Academy, are tasked to defeat the legendary creature. Are you ready for your thrilling fantastical journey?

  •  Basement & Barbarians 

Your friend disappeared under mysterious circumstances on 31st October. You and your team need to get together to solve the puzzles and save your friend in time. Beware, for the clock is ticking fast!

  • Black Noir Murder Escape 

It is a great virtual escape room, especially for small teams participating. Each room features new and unique puzzles woven together with a well-thought-of game plot. The enigmatic and suspenseful narrative will grab your senses in a whirlwind, drawing you close to the action!

  •  60out

The online escape rooms offer 60out tricky feature scenarios that will test your team’s problem-solving abilities. Groups of all sizes can take part in these virtual escape games. Every game features a unique theme that couples will love playing.

  •  Casa de Papel

Based on the popular Netflix series Money Heist, this virtual escape room is a must-try for you. You and your team need to break into the casino right when the funds get transported across the town. Can you perform the heist in about an hour?

  •  The secret of Vincent Hahn

Vincent Hahn is a famous art thief who recently stole precious artwork during the opening night. He has now gone underground but is also probably planning his next heist. Can you solve the puzzles to find his next target and prevent theft?

  •  Citadel

Players in a galaxy far away were sent to discover a new energy source. As you and your team step foot inside the Citadel, you will find a few tasks you need to solve. Are you ready for this fast-paced escape room adventure?

So, there go the 15 cool virtual escape room games you must try out with your team. Gear up for the challenge ahead as you grab an escape room for your team!

By Alberta