mercane mx60

If you want the freedom to ride on and off-road, the MX60 electric scooter is a fantastic option. The Mercane MX60 is the perfect bike for endurance riding thanks to its robust body, strong stem, and wide tires. With a scooter, you can actually travel long distances and reach the Mercane MX60’s top speeds.

The Mercane MX60 is one of those electric scooters made for people with strong wills. If endurance is a trait that runs in your family, the MX60 is for you. Three power modes and a strong 1200 Watt twin motor system give you access to the widest range of torque, distance, and speed.


  • Two 1200W motors are currently in use.
  • an array of batteries with a 60V, 20Ah, or 10Ah capacity.
  • A single charge through the battery connector takes 6 to 10 hours to complete, and a dual charge takes 4 to 6 hours.
  • 62 miles (100 km) of travel distance are possible on a single charge.
  • 37 mph/59 km/h is the top speed.

MX60 Electric Scooter Video

View Wrong Way’s review of the MX60! As they look into what makes an e-scooter special and essential for riding off-road checked these eriders


  • A dual-purpose scooter with off-road and on-road travel capabilities;
  • The exceptional range of Tick icon
  • A tick icon The suspension system is superior.
  • The tick icon features an easy-to-use folding system and collapsible handlebars for increased portability.

Due to its enormous size and sturdy construction, the MX60 is an intimidating, uncompromising electric scooter that commands respect. This scooter has the strength to climb steep inclines (as steep as 40 degrees) without sacrificing power thanks to its dual motor capacity of 1200 Watts and three power modes.

This scooter weighs a respectable 77 lbs (35 kg) due to its exceptional design, but it is easy to see why. The fact that it can travel over any surface is the cherry on top.


Powerful electric scooter called the mercane mx60. This scooter’s 2400 W motor generates incredible torque and riding abilities that enable it to travel over great distances and climb hills with ease.

Three practical power levels allow you to select your ideal speed and torque with ease (Eco, Standard, and Sports). This speed machine’s mechanical disc brakes have excellent stopping power, and thanks to a clever design, you can easily change the settings (including gears, cruise control, dual vs single mode, and the throttle).


The MX60 electric scooter is among the top five fastest electric scooters available right now, with top speeds of up to 37 MPH.

One of those electric scooters that can easily handle slopes up to 40 degrees is the Mercane MX60. Very few other scooters have an engine as built-in for outdoor use as the MX60.


The outstanding air suspension of the MX60, which includes air shock absorbers and an additional damping control system, makes it simple to travel over rocky terrain.

Ride Quality

The mercane mx60 is renowned for its excellent ride. which provides amazing comfort. The substantial, enormous, and seemingly unbreakable tires on this scooter are clear indications that it was built with a specific purpose in mind.

The Mercane electric scooter weighs a substantial 77 lbs, making it not the lightest of the electric scooters. In order to fold and lock this scooter in place for better mobility, it has a simple twisting folding mechanism that makes up for what it lacks in lightweight.


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