With the increased use of Zoom and FaceTime, many people have felt their sagging chin and jawline more prominently. When there was an opportunity to use editing tools to erase the pesky pocket of fat and sagging skin, people readily used them. However, more time spent on video conferences means no more hiding it. People just over the age of 28 are more likely to opt for procedures such as chin sculpting because it produces results that are natural looking without drastically impacting the profile.

If you have been thinking about defining your jawline or fixing the signs of ageing around your neck, you need to be well-informed about this procedure.


What is Chin Sculpting?

If you are planning to undergo the procedure, you already know that it is a cosmetic procedure that reduces sagging below the chin and volumises the area. This way, you can achieve a more defined contour and a younger-looking facial structure.


Going Through With It

Sculpting your chin is a simple procedure that hardly takes an hour. To start the process, a topical anaesthetic is usually applied to minimise the discomfort you would experience. The anaesthetic can also be applied with the filler product in the same injection. Remember to discuss this with your medical practitioner to choose the best option.

After this, using a thin needle, your practitioner will inject the filler into the previously marked sites on the chin and/or jawline. The filler is a hyaluronic-acid-based product. It is a sugar naturally found in the body and becomes incorporated into the soft tissue once it is settled. You can rest assured that the filler will not be moving or getting displaced. If you have the option to choose, always pick multiple injection sites because the filler works more evenly, giving you a symmetrical profile.

Since you have had fillers injected, experiencing some swelling and redness around the location is common. The side effects tend to disappear within 24-48 hours, and it is alright to use makeup to cover it up.

Pro tip: You are advised against strenuous exercise for the first few days after treatment. It is also recommended not to rub or apply pressure to the treated area.


Key Benefits

One thing you need to understand about sculpting your chin is that, as a non-invasive procedure, the results last only as long as you maintain them. In addition, depending on what type of filler was used, how fast your metabolism is, and other factors, the sagging may slowly reappear.

As a temporary, non-invasive, and affordable procedure, chin sculpting produces immediately visible results. There is no downtime after the procedure, meaning you can resume work and normal activities immediately. It is a safe and effective process that does not require extreme doses of anaesthesia either.

Before you decide to get your chin sculpted, it is recommended to understand the exact causes leading to it. From ageing to being obese, the reasons are aplenty and depending on these, you can work out an appropriate course of action. For instance, you are seeing the sagging because of losing weight recently. The effectiveness of sculpting will differ from sagging due to age.

Once the procedure is done, stick to the instructions your practitioner provides. Deviating from this can cause your new symmetrical jawline to return to its previous state faster.


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