Muslims visit Madinah during their Umrah. It is a city of tranquility. There is cultural heritage in this city. Pilgrims visit Madinah as the most important sacred site during their Umrah pilgrimage. And also, there are several museums in this city. Furthermore, there are vibrant markets and pious sites in Madinah. You will find a lot of things to do in Madinah during your Umrah. We visit different cultures and religions. There are many other historical sites in Madinah.

Moreover, there are many Arabia dishes to try that are yummy and delicious. We find a chance to try new tastes of food in Saudi Arabia. The most necessary thing that pilgrims do during their visit to Madinah is to go to different religious places and historical places as well. Therefore, Eimantravels is giving you the November 2022 Umrah packages. In this month, you can visit many beautiful places in pleasant weather. That’s why we are giving you the best packages.

Things To Do:

Muslims have great importance in the city, of Madinah Munawwara. Madinah Munawwara is also known as the City of Prophet PBUH. Muslims visit Madinah to perform Umrah. They also visit for vacations. You can make your Umrah journey memorable. This can be done by availing of our November 2022 Umrah packages. It is the best time to perform Umrah and visit Madinah Munawwara as well. Here we will discuss the top things to do in Madinah while performing Umrah. These top things are given below:

  1. Performance of Ziayarat:

Madinah is a city of high sacredness in Islamic culture. It is considered an important destination for Muslims. Millions of Muslims visit Madinah Munawwara to perform the sacred journey of Umrah. When you visit Madinah, the most important task is to perform the Ziayarat. You can perform Ziayarat by visiting the sacred places in Madinah. In addition, Muslims perform this activity very keenly. They consider it one of their favorite tasks.

This city has an affiliation with Holy Prophet PBUH. Muslims consider it a golden chance to visit the sacred place of Madinah. The places in Madinah are associated with Holy Prophet PBUH. This place has a connection with his family, friends, and his descendants. Moreover, mosques, caves, and battlefields are included in these sacred sites of Madinah. Mosques of Madinah include Masjid-Al Quba, Masjid-Al Nabawi, Masjid-Al Qiblatayn. That’s why we are offering you deals to visit these sacred places.

The three most important places in the city of Madinah to visit are:

  • Masjid-Al Nabawi:

Masjid-Al Nabawi is the Prophet’s mosque. Muslims have a lot of importance for this mosque. They visit this mosque to get the blessings of Allah Almighty. Pilgrims find themselves close to Allah Almighty. It is the time when they visit this sacred mosque of Madinah Munawwara. There are some special emotional feelings attached to this mosque. This is the mosque that was constructed by Holy Prophet PBUH himself. And now this place is His resting place as well. In addition, Eimantravels offers you November 2022 Umrah packages in which all Ziayarat are included.

  • Jannat Al Baqi:

Jannat Al Baqi is the first cemetery in the Holy city of Madinah. It is the oldest cemetery as well. The companions and relatives of the Holy Prophet PBUH are resting at this place. Due to this fact, it is considered one of the holiest cemeteries in Islamic culture. That’s why this city has great importance in Islamic culture.

  • Mount Uhud:

Mount Uhud is also another important site in the Islamic culture. It is the place where the historical Battle of Uhud took place The graveyards of the martyrs who were killed during this Battle are also present in this place. That is why Muslims have a sacred attachment to this place.

  1. Explore The Historical Sites In Madinah Munawwara:

There are many historical sites to explore in Madinah. There are many archeological wonders in this beautiful city. These archeological wonders include Jannat Al Baqi, Mosque of Badr, Masjid-Al Ghamamah, and Abu Baqar Mosque. And It is one of the best tasks to explore these religious places in Madinah. Once you visit these places, you will find yourself close to Allah Almighty. We strengthen our faith by visiting these places. Although, November 2022 Umrah packages have facilities by which you can visit these sacred places in Madinah. That’s why Eimantravels is facilitating you with perfect November deals.

There are three Historical places to visit in Madinah. These places are the following:

  • Grave of Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib:

Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib was the paternal uncle of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. He was also one of the companions of the Holy Prophet PBUH. Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib was one of the martyrs of the Battle of Uhud. The daughter of holy Prophet PBUH, Hazrat Fatima R.A used to visit his grave and tend it. It is a popular belief among Muslims.

  • Desert of Saleh:

The Desert of Saleh is one of the most wonderful historical sites in Madinah. There are a lot of huge tombs and graves in the desert of Saleh. It is a source of tourist attraction. The first UNESCO world heritage site in Saudi Arabia is the Desert of Saleh.

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  • Al Jumah Mosque:

Al Jumah Mosque is also one of the historical sites in Madinah. There is another name for this mosque. This name is Bani Salim Mosque. This mosque is the first mosque where Holy Prophet PBUH and his companions perform their first Jumah prayer. Hence, it was the time when they were migrating from Mecca to Madinah. Due to this fact, its name is Al Jumah Mosque.

  1. Try The Local Cuisine Of Madinah:

Another interesting thing that you must do when you visit Madinah tries the local cuisine of Madinah. By doing this activity, you will come to know about the culture of Madinah. Furthermore, you will know about the cuisine of Saudi Arabia. Once you know about the food of a culture, you know much about that culture. So, you must try the local cuisine to know about the national foods of Madinah and Saudi Arabia as well. November Umrah Packages in 2022 have the facility of food in them. You can try the local cuisine of Madinah by availing of this package.

There are some popular restaurants in Madinah. Here you will come to know about them. Let’s put a glance at these popular eating joints.

  • Ennap Restaurant:

Ennap Restaurant is one of the popular restaurants in Madinah. It is located on King Abdullah Road. You will find delectable dishes in this restaurant. They will serve you in a contemporary setting. You will never find more delicious delectable dishes other than in this restaurant. This is the specialty of this restaurant.

  • Arabesque Restaurant:

This is the restaurant that pilgrims must visit whenever they go to Madinah. They visit it whether they go to Umrah for vacation as well. The location of this restaurant is King Farhad Road. They serve delicious Middle Eastern dishes. There is a variety of dishes that you will find on the menu of this restaurant. You will see a variety of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as well. That’s why we are offering you the best packages with the best meals.

  • Ruqn Shami Restaurant:

This restaurant offers a variety of dishes for lunch. There is middle eastern food which is present on the menu of this restaurant. It is located on the airport road. As It requires a lot of time to reach this restaurant. That’s why we are offering you the best deals with the best cuisines.


Eimantravels is always here for you to help in performing Umrah and visiting these sacred and historical sites. We have Umrah Packages November 2022 for you. There are a lot of facilities in these packages. Long story short, we advise you to must visit these Holy places in Madinah. Ziayarat has an association with Holy Prophet PBUH. They are also connected with their companions. You will feel blessed when you visit these places. In short, you must perform these tasks when you visit Madinah Munawwara. We wish you a stroke of very good luck with your next visit to Madinah. Although, you can choose Eimantravels for your next Umrah packages November 2022.

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