The fridge is in a room, it doesn’t care about the heat anymore. someone All the food items that are cooked during the summer will go bad, put them in the fridge and keep them safe for at least 7 days. Milk, eggs, extra food items, fruits, and raw vegetables will be fine for several days in the fridge. Besides, cold water, cold drinks, ice cream, and ice are all available.

The religion of the fridge is to keep things cold. Its religion is produced by the action of chemicals like ammonia, ethyl chloride, etc.

Refrigeration is generally of two types (1) compressor system and (2) absorption system. The first method is more common in this country

Compressor, evaporator, condenser, etc. parts are installed in the compressor refrigerator. With the help of this the ice-making process is continuously cycled to evenly flow the ice.

Components like compressors are fitted at the back of the fridge. And there is the thermostat. which controls the temperature.

In the modern age, everything is fine if your fridge is fine. remains So it is good to know a few things to keep the fridge in order


  1. Never place the fridge against a wall. Keep at least 15-20 cm away. So that air can flow freely through the back of the fridge.
  2. The front of the fridge is easy to open and close. You can put it a little higher at the front of the fridge and a little lower at the back.
  3. Clean the inside of the fridge once in 3 months. Otherwise, food and even water may smell bad.
  4. Don’t just buy a fridge and start storing food in it. First, keep it at zero for an hour
  5. If you want to freeze ice cream, put meat and fish in the freezer. The ‘chill-tray’ at the bottom of the freezer has a very low temperature compared to other parts.
  6. If you want to cool the syrup bottle or cold drink bottle quickly, keep it in the chill tray. But not more than half an hour. If not, the liquid in the bottle. The substance will freeze in extreme cold
  7. Close the freezer compartment and see if it is properly seated.
  8. If you listen to the fridge, you will hear a mechanical sound. That’s compressor noise. If you hear any more noises, call the mechanic without delay.
  9. Cover all cooked or raw food in the refrigerator. Don’t spread polythene sheets over everyone. This can cause food items to spoil without being cooled as required. Use thin paper.
  10. Keep the raw curry in a polythene bag. Then it will not dry easily and will remain soft.
  11. Fruits such as bananas, melons, melons, fruit, etc.
  12. Do not refrigerate anything hot. Cool it first and keep it later. Don’t put things in the fridge together.
  13. Cover the liquid as well, otherwise, vapor particles will accumulate in it.
  14. Don’t forget any rotten things (fruits etc.) in the fridge.
  15. If you want to keep raw fish and meat, wipe them with a dry cloth and keep them.
  16. I have already mentioned cleaning the fridge once in three months. On that day, take everything out of the fridge and wash it inside and out with water mixed with detergent powder. Then keep it empty for an hour. Then put food items.
  17. Voltage often fluctuates. As a result, Freeze’s call-causes are bound to have an impression on his reaction. So, to keep the fridge durable for a long time, use a stabilizer.
  18. Never keep things that smell good or bad in the fridge. If kept, it will spread the smell to everything.

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  1. Cooked vegetables, fish-meat-lentil soup, fruit-based Pirani, cream, meant food, etc. should be kept in the refrigerator once it has been served and cannot be put back. Because as soon as the bar is exposed to the hot air from the outside, they are easily damaged due to temperature changes when re-entering the cold of the fridge. So Repeat according to the quantity. Ice cream or drink too. If you do it like this, there is a fear of getting lost
  2. Make sure that the temperature inside the fridge is below zero degrees and does not rise.
  3. If the temperature of the refrigerator is correct and if the front door is properly closed and less open, then the food can be protected for at least two days without lead shedding or without electricity.
  4. If you find that the food is not cooling properly, first check the thermostat for proper operation. Many times, even if there is too much ice in the freezer, the coldness is reduced. This happens when the condenser tube is burnt and the flow of the fan gas is stopped. If this is the case, take down all the items and freeze the fridge, pour a small amount of lukewarm water in the fridge, and leave it in the fridge for some time. If that doesn’t work, call a mechanic.
  5. Keep the refrigerator in a shaded cool place. Note ยป Do not store where it may be found
  6. Place a wooden block or rubber disc on the base of the refrigerator. The noise of the compressor will be less. And if the current is leaking for some unknown reason, then there will be some protection from him
  7. Always run the fridge at 200 volts of current, if it is less or more than this, the faucet will be under pressure.
  8. Never leave the fridge door open for more than half a minute. Otherwise, the hot air from the outside will enter more and lower the temperature inside and affect the food.

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  1. Never fill water, syrup, or milk bottles completely. And the head should be tight.
  2. A simple way to remove ice from an ice tray is to submerge the tray briefly in plain water or run it under a faucet.
  3. Never force the fridge to move. This can lead to a loss of effective power due to disruption of oil flow in its pipes
  4. There is a fixed space in the fridge for keeping butter, eggs, milk, syrup, etc. The required temperature of all things is never the same. So, this arrangement; Otherwise, things will be ruined. can Work according to instructions

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