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At five feet one inch, 42 Dugg is among the tallest rap stars in the world. The rapper is known for his edgy style and his music video “Crazy”, which gained four million views on YouTube within three months. He has a dual contract with 4PF records and the CMG label. In 2018, he released mixtapes and Extended Play, and in March, he released his debut studio album “Young and Turnt.”

5 feet 1 inch

At 5 feet and one inch, rapper 42 Dugg is short compared to most of his peers. He looks about eight inches shorter than Future. Before he became famous, people often mistakenly thought that he was still a child. But now that he’s a star, 42 Dugg’s height is a popular topic of discussion among fans. To learn more about his height, read on!

Rapper 42 Dugg was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. He is not the shortest rapper to make it big in the American music industry, but he could be considered a giant by some. His full name is Daniel Hernandez, and he stands at five feet five inches, which is equivalent to 1.68 m. His height does not make him an outcast, though. It may just be a matter of perception and preference.

Net worth

The 42 Dugg height net worth is quite high considering that he has a very successful career in the entertainment industry. His stage name 42 Dugg came from his stage name Dion Marquise Hayes. His real name is Dion Marquise Hayes but he performs as 42 Dugg. Hayes was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, on November 25, 1994. He did not attend school much as a child, instead spending most of his time at parties. At age 15, he was convicted of a crime for which he was sentenced to six years in prison. However, he has yet to reveal the reason for his confinement.

As of early 2019, 42 Dugg has more than three million dollars in total assets. His earnings are generated largely from his YouTube channels, where he regularly raps. His yearly compensation is estimated to be in the neighborhood of $ 250,000, and his personal wealth is predicted to rise even higher to more than $2 million by 2022. Dugg’s success has come largely from his collaborations with other rappers, including Lil Baby, and has released a number of mixtapes in his career. However, his net worth has not yet reached the level of his music career, and he has yet to release his own album.


Age of 42 Dugg is twenty-two years old. He was born on 25 November 1995 and was raised in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He is an American citizen and identifies himself as a Christian. Dugg completed his schooling at Legacy Christian Academy and went on to attend a local college. His goal is to get a college degree and pursue his dream of becoming a hip-hop star. In his spare time, he enjoys singing and participating in co-curricular activities.

The rapper was born on November 25, 1994, and attended various public schools. However, he admitted to being more interested in parties than school. At fifteen, he was sent to jail for six years. Although his sentence has not been revealed, he served his time for fighting in jail. During that time, he allegedly laid down bars and began a rap career. He is currently in the middle of a prison sentence, but his real reason for jail is unclear.


According to the official website, the rapper 42 Dugg is a 5-foot-1-inch tall man. He weighs 58 kg and has a 38-inch chest and a 28-inch waist. His hips are 35 inches, and his biceps are 12.5 inches. His eyes are black, and his hair is dark brown. He has been nicknamed the Fat Booty Man.

The rapper grew up in Detroit, Michigan. His fans have compared him to Future and Jeezy. Fans have suggested that his height is 42 inches. This isn’t a completely valid theory. However, it’s worth considering that 42 Dugg looks shorter than Future. It is possible that his shorter height is a code for being a member of the local Hustle Boys.

His rise to fame started with the release of mixtapes in early 2018. His single “Molly” received significant radio airplay. The song was a collaboration with Lil Baby. Dugg has a fanbase of over 12 million people worldwide and has received more than $17 million in sales. His songs “Hit The Floor” and “Molly” have gone on to chart at various charts, including the Billboard Hot 100 and the Pop Music Chart.

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