Our digestive health is crucial for our overall well-being. Right?

Many different organs in our digestive system. The health of each organ is crucial for your overall digestive health. All of these constituent organs play a huge role in maintaining good digestive health. From the pancreas to the gallbladder, each one of them has a defined role to play.

However, sometimes there can be issues with any of these organs that can take a toll on our digestive health. Gallbladder stones are one such common people. This is one of the most common issues people suffer from. The gallbladder is generally not considered a vital organ and people often consider it as an organ that our body can function with or without. 

Gallbladder Stones – What the Trouble is About?

The condition can arise mild or can sometimes be quite bothersome. I remember one of my roommates in college developed sudden abdominal pain for which we rushed to the hospital. The doctor gave me some medication but the pain kept on returning after some time for which the doctor prescribed some tests.

After inquiring online about the MRCP test price in Pakistan alongside many others we went for the test. However, the test results revealed that there was a huge bladder stone that could make the gallbladder burst anytime. Following this diagnosis, the doctor recommended that surgery was required on an urgent basis after which she recovered.

During the whole time, we were very afraid because of all the misconceptions we have in our minds. All thanks to the many misconceptions about the condition and surgery. Let’s see what these myths were and the facts behind them.

Common Myths About Gallbladder stones and Surgery

Here are some of the common myths about gallbladder stones and surgery that you may need t to know about;

1- After surgery, you won’t be able to digest fats

This is not true. This misconception possibly arises from the role of the gallbladder in the body. The gallbladder produces the bile that helps with the digestion of fats in your body. Many people believe that you won’t be able to consume fats because you don’t possess a gallbladder anymore. 

However, there is no truth in this. Because even in the absence of a gallbladder your body will produce the bile through the liver. The release might get slow but there will be enough bile to digest the dietary fats in your diet.

2- Natural remedies can help to remove gallstones

This is another common misconception about gallbladder stones. We often see people talking about the remedies for the removal of gallstones such as olive oil and lemon juice. However, this is not true at all. No natural remedy can improve the gallstones because there are different shapes and sizes of these stones. 

Further, even if a stone is flushed it will leave your gallbladder inflamed and prone to infections. Other than this, people who experience gallbladder stones once can develop them again after some time. So, home remedies are not even an option!

3- Shockwaves can remove gallstones permanently

False! Just because shockwave can help with the removal of stones in the kidney doesn’t make it effective against the removal of gallbladder stones. Though gallstone removal is possible with the shockwaves, the procedure can be very troubling and can bring along many complications. So, shockwaves can’t help you with the removal of gallbladder stones.

4- Gallstone surgery is very risky

No, this is not true. Though all the surgical procedures are somehow risky, the surgery for the removal of the gallbladder is not that problematic. Yes, you may find it surprising but all thanks to the advancements in modern times that make the procedures less invasive and hence painful. Further, there is no prolonged time to recover after the procedure. All you need is 1-2 days of rest followed by a healthy diet. So, yes gallbladder stone removal surgery is not very harmful.

5- Gallbladder stone surgery only removes the stone

No, this is not true.

Gallbladder stone surgery not only removes the stones in the gallstone but also the gallbladder. Yes, the organ is excised from your body. The reason is that only removing the stone will lead to the formation of stones again. So, if you have developed gallstones in the past as well then surgery can be the only option you should go for.

Bottom Line!

The gallbladder is not a vital organ in our body. Under normal conditions, this organ plays the role of production of bile which is then secreted into the small intestine where it helps with the digestion of fats you are consuming. 

However, stones in the gallbladder can make it very problematic and painful. Surgical removal of gallbladders can help with the treatment and prevention of gallstones. Furthermore, gallbladder surgery is not very harmful and you can live a normal life even after getting the surgery done.