The amount of people who have a locksmith service that left them unhappy is a lot, it is something relatively common when there is too much supply of a service but little quality and consumers who do not know the responsibility that requires hiring someone for a job of this kind,

If you really want a good locksmith service, you should consider to really put some effort at the moment of choosing your professional. You could be in for a big fiasco if you go for your sister-in-law’s cousin or that guy you saw in an ad near your house. Are you looking for a good service or are you looking for something that will probably make you hire another person a month? If it’s the former, we’re going to give you a few tips that might help you before you consider calling that locksmith that “Inspires confidence” in you. Let’s get started!

 Tips before choosing a locksmith


Does that ad you’re seeing really give you enough confidence to bring him into your home and have him check your locks? If not, don’t even bother calling. The trust the locksmith gives you from the moment you see their ad or enter their website is critical to the professional relationship you’re about to create.

 Do your own research

Don’t limit yourself with just the number they passed on to you, try to dig deeper into the locksmith’s name until you come up with a couple of references for their work. You might be surprised to know that it is very easy to get their details on the internet, and most of the locksmiths you choose should have at least a website with their services and contact information, and above all, allow people to leave reviews of their services. The best thing that speaks about a person, besides his own presentation, are the words that other people dedicate to him. If he doesn’t allow other people to leave reviews on his services, you might start to suspect that there is something that maybe he doesn’t want you to know.

Watch out for the bait

You’d be surprised how many so-called professionals have different types of bait to lure in innocent clients who aren’t going to know how to respond to a low money offer. In fact, this is the most common of all: Offering an extremely cheap price by claiming it’s a one-time offer or opportunity. You should never accept this type of service unless you want to work with a “professional” who is probably not licensed.

A person who really values his work is not going to give you what he does for free, nor is he going to rip you off with a high price, he is going to give you a standard price.

Dishonest locksmiths will lure you in by putting a vague price in their ads. They use words like “$20 and change”, which means you can’t be sure how much they’re going to charge you later. Some also use words like “plus labor”, where the price of labor is not specified. They may use this as a strategy to charge additional fees once they have finished the job. The vagueness of their prices only implies that they want to charge you more than the amount you know you are supposed to pay them.


The more services they offer you, the safer you are going to be. Especially since this means that the person really cares about doing their job well and is constantly studying to offer the most current locksmith techniques. A locksmith who only offers to open doors or change keys is suspicious.


This is an optional point depending on the person, but it is also important how long they have been working. The ideal ones are those who have been working for more than two years since this time has given them the possibility to evaluate different situations and have a quick response. Younger people are probably still experimenting and may have a slightly higher margin of error.

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