Technology has taken over everything. People have moved towards adapting to the tech around us, no denial in the fact that the change and adaptation by people were gradual and steady but now this change has become eternal and more like a permanent change. Now people are used to these electronic devices. TechZones provides the best laptop repair services in London. If you ever face any problem while using a laptop, feel free to contact us via call or email. We are available 24 hours to fix your devices.

First computers were introduced to people and at that time they were treated as a big thing, computers began to make the lives of several people much easier and simpler as they did things like sending mail in seconds rather than people traveling miles to do this. Soon, when laptops came into play the market for computers was taken over completely.

Reasons Why People Prefer Laptops Over Computers

Well, this can be a long debate of people preferring laptops over computers but let us just begin with the fact that people always choose what is best suited for them and do what seems to benefit them. Now here is a simple question would you ever do something that does not benefit you? Well, the answer is obviously no. people always tend to opt for ways that provide them with ease.

Well, the same goes for laptops. However, computers were working just fine there were no issues at all but as the matter of fact, people started to realize that they were bound. They were bound to sit in one place and do all the work they had to and there was a point when people have begun to get annoyed with it and started to look for better options. Well, here was the creation of laptops. Looking at the need in the market demand was fulfilled

As soon as laptops were launched the market dynamic changed completely people now were purchasing laptops like crazy and there was an immense amount of increase in the sales of laptops whereas, on the other hand, the potential market of computers began to fall. The people who were initially buying computers now changed their opinions and decided to go for laptops.

The Question Remains Why?

Well, there are several reasons for this rapid growth in the market of laptops, and is the instant downfall of the potential market of computers.


Laptops were an electronic device that changed the game completely and now people could easily say that they are sitting in a park while doing their work. Laptops are immensely lightweight and are very small in size.

This electronic device is so small that it could be fixed inside a school bag or even an office bag. So that people can carry it anywhere they want at any time. It is easy for them to be at a café or a library and yet get their work done. Moreover, this was not possible on the computer hence this is a major reason for people to shift from computers to laptops.


This is that one feature that plays a very important role to differentiate between laptops and computers. Computers used to work with power and if the computer was not plugged into the socket it will not work. Well, this was not the case with laptops as they have a battery and they can be charged. Moreover, the battery of a laptop can last easily for hours so people were relieved from a big thing at this point.

It Comes as A Finished Product

Well, when one gets a computer he has to assemble all the different components like the mouse, keyboard, CPU and so on. However, this is not the case with laptops as everything is inside and the user does not have to do anything at all with them.

What Is A Chrome Book?

We have already been introduced to laptops and we also know that they keep on getting better and better as time is passing. New technological advancements are being made that improve our living standards and are making our lives easier and easier every passing day.

As the advancements in technological devices like laptops kept on increasing their cam and highly innovative device that was introduced to the people as a new style of laptop. Furthermore, it is a laptop that is designed to make sure that things now get done much faster and way quicker than they were being done in the previous laptops.

What Is a Windows Laptop?

We all might have a question inside our heads. What is a windows laptop? Well, windows laptops is a system that is inside our laptops and it is responsible for getting the entire task done. It allows you to have multiple viewing areas in the graphical interference in addition to this the window system was developed to operate windowing systems in the use of networks.

Here the question remains what is it exactly? Well, all the tasks we tend to perform on the laptop such as watching videos online, sending emails to people, looking at pictures saving data, and so on. We can do all these things because of the windows that have been installed inside our laptop which enables all these tasks. In addition to this, windows are immensely easy to operate and get your tasks done; anyone and everyone can do it without any kind of worry.

5 Ways That Chrome Books Are Better Than Windows Laptops?

Here are five reasons why chrome books are better than windows laptops:

  1. Chrome books are proven to be way more stable than a windows laptop
  2. It is easy to move new hardware in chrome books
  3. In chrome book data stays stored no matter what
  4. It works the same when offline
  5. Chrome books are much faster than a windows laptop


In this fast world of technology and different electronic devices, laptops have become essential. Everyone needs a laptop to get their basic day-to-day tasks done. Well, there are so many options available in the market hence here is a little guide that can help you make a better decision.

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