About Night Trekking


Throughout the night trekking and camping, you can enjoy the nighttime beauty of the wildlife. Trekking has always been a human being’s passion from the day he took his first step on the earth. They always

Are you living a sedentary lifestyle? Do you have an urge to escapade from the city and enjoy a night under twinkling stars?


Living in the IT hub of India, the local people of Bangalore are always yearning for a sojourn to distress and relaxation. Nonetheless, grateful for the fast-paced life and bustling work schedules, which cause long trips missed. While fancy stays nearby the coffee plantation and lavish resorts amidst the prolific surroundings are on the subsidiary, camping in Bangalore is becoming people’s first choice when it comes to Night Camping.


So here we have brought a plethora of magnificent spots for camping near Bangalore.


Glamorous destinations for camping near Bangalore




Are you yearning for some family time and fun activities over the weekend? Manchanabele is one of the well-known camping spots near Bangalore. Peacefulness filled in the air and with the exotic beauty of Manchanbele Lake, travel enthusiasts can be amused by some water adventure with raft building, rope courses, paintball, and kayaking.


Distance from Bangalore: 70 km




Ramanagara is the well-known trekking spot where the shooting of the legendary Hindi movie ‘Sholay’ held at. It is one of the eminent trekking places near Bangalore. especially well-known for the supply of silk to the markets and a breathtaking trek. If you want to enjoy watching birds and appreciate the sky then this trek is a perfect spot.


Distance from Bangalore: 50 Km




To spend a perfect weekend, how does ice walking, camping, bonfire, or oracle riding in the lake sound? Thrilling? Then pack your bags, and make a tour of the Kanakpura camping spot situated near the marvelous Hosa Doddi Lake. It’s one of the perfect places for camping in Bangalore.


Distance from Bangalore: 65 Km




A perfect weekend with friends in the granite caves and steep of Savandurga is held at merit. From night trekking and rope down to climbing the peaks of Bill Gudda and Kaprigudda, this sight is popular among campers who wonder about one-day camping near Bangalore.


Distance from Bangalore: 70 Km




Are you looking to plan a night camping near Bangalore? Antharaganga is the perfect spot to distress and relax. Nonetheless, a bonfire is an integral part of the trip, trekking on this part of the


Shatha Shrunga Mountain Range and encountering the volcanic rocks is an unexpected experience.


Distance from Bangalore: 70 Km




Are you keen on nature or an adventure lover? If so, Bheemeshwar, with its breathtaking surroundings and tropical wildlife, will surely allure your mind. Lie near Cauvery banks, this hotpot camping spot is popularly known for mountain biking, jungle safari, rafting, etc.


Distance from Bangalore: 100Km


Tips for gearing up for Camping near Bangalore


Camping is one of the thrilling escapades for the local masses residing in Bangalore to find comfort while cradling in Nature’s lap. However, before start, your camping, here are a few tips


Carry a first aid kit if you yearn to camp in a faraway destination near Bangalore Bangalore has dubious weather, so there can be occasional rain with a chilly breeze blowing


Therefore, take woolen garments and raincoats.


If you are voyaging for a forest camping, carry some amount of salt to prevent yourself from leeches.


Avoid carrying extra luggage or baggage.


Don’t forget to keep hiking shoes if you are camping through tough topography.

By Alberta