A typical journey starts with a business owner’s desire to rebrand, refresh, or make a new logo for their company. But the dream doesn’t always come true without any problems. Lack of information is usually at the heart of all logo design misconceptions. When clients and designers don’t talk about what they want and what could go wrong, the results aren’t as good as they could be. It’s not just a problem with logo design; it’s a problem in most industries and with most services.

So, what logo design misconception do people believe? 

Here is the most common logo design misconception, which always leads to big problems: when deadlines aren’t met, it can lead to anger, complaints, and extra costs.

Misconceptions About Logo Design For All Business

1- A Perfect Logo

Most business owners and top managers truly believe there is a great, ideal, or perfect logo for their company.
This logo design misconception causes huge problems. First, business leaders waste their valuable time looking for the perfect logo for their company. They spend a lot of time looking at competitors’ logos, using search engines, and looking at graphic designers’ work. When they get desperate, they start drawing their brand marks. 

2- More Options Are Better

Executives and business leaders, especially those who worry daily about the company’s bottom line, can’t help but expect and sometimes even require that everything be used to its fullest.

When we don’t get what we were hoping for right away, it seems natural to ask for more, as if we haven’t gotten the full service yet.

3- Unrealistic Expectations

Small business owners and company leaders who care about making money tend to pay more attention to costs than investments. The lower the costs, the higher the net profit margins, which is one way (but not the only way) to ensure that a company makes as much money as possible.

By default, business leaders don’t think a company logo is worth much. Some view it as an element of prestige but still assign little monetary value to it. They say, “it’s just a logo.”

4- We’ll All Love The Result

This is another common logo design misconception. Business leaders talk themselves into believing they are commissioning logo designers to create a masterpiece that everyone, themselves including, will inevitably adore. Most of the time, the logo designer is not as important as the big picture. 

5- Logo Is A Foundation

This logo design misconception comes from not having enough experience. Business leaders think that the rebranding process goes like this: logo first, then colors, then fonts, then marketing materials, then the website, then ads, etc.

6- Individual Parts Are Cheaper

This kind of project usually leads to (re-)branding or is part of it. The project has many parts, such as a logo, colors, fonts, patterns, marketing materials, a website, social media profiles, ads, etc.

There is a firm belief among business leaders that buying individual parts and, by analogy, breaking the overall project into smaller billable chunks will produce economic benefits to the company.


These misconceptions have left businesses and brands struggling with creating the perfect logos. And it depends on the client, where they want to go, and where they’ve been. Are they trying to get your attention because they’re new to the market? Is it a business that has been around for a long time and wants to show its past? Or maybe they’ve been around for a long time and need a quick update. 

However, going to the right person can get you what your brand requires, and that right place is a logo design UK agency. A professional designer conducts research and surveys and helps you get the logo that your brand requires to achieve your goals.