Communication is necessary for any type of business to interact with the audience or clients. There are many available communication channels and SMS is the best marketing tool. Texting helped people to bring their business closer to the audience.SMS messaging made a business or any brand popular among customers. SMS or short messaging service is sending or receiving messages with immediate delivery. It has a word limit of over 160 characters making it simple for everyone to communicate easily and not exaggerate the messages.

Marketing is essential for a business to let customers know more about their brand or products or services. A proper marketing campaign is important to exist and survive in the business competition.SMS marketing is the process of interacting with different customers, clients, and audiences. It is a perfect communication channel to engage with clients and drive more sales throughout the year. Different marketing techniques should be applied and SMS campaigns should be executed to make a business grow to greater heights. The SMS marketing campaign is sending messages or promoting products, and services through text messages or technology.

SMS Gateway:

Sending messages to various people is quite a difficult task and here comes the rescue. SMS gateway is an application that allows sending of bulk messages to various people at a single time through a web browser or any API-based application.SMS Gateway is mostly helpful for a  business. It helps to solve the customer’s problems, services, or any technical issues. SMS Gateway helps to end text messages to customers and can engage with customers personally. This saves a lot of money and they can directly interact with customers. This leads to customer loyalty as customers start trusting the brand as the brand is taking special care of a customer. Customer loyalty develops and maintains throughout the process as long as the SMS gateway serves the customers and the brand.

Messages are chosen as the best method to engage with one person in any part of the world. Those made text messages are considered to be the marketing tool of the future.SMS marketing is an opportunity for all brands to engage with customers, meet them personally through texts and get to know them more. Audiences are spending most of their time with smartphones so SMS has taken its place in reaching them more easily. Not only small businesses, but even international brands are also using SMS marketing and maintaining a successful marketing channel.SMS is considered to be the smallest marketing tool by many but this has changed the lives of many businesses.

Here are some of the reasons to use SMS in a marketing campaign.

Immediate delivery:

SMS or short service messaging is a communication channel that delivers messages immediately without any disruptions and has a read rate of 97%.SMS campaigns are being run and have a 45% ROI reaching over  50%  globally. This acts as a direct communication channel that delivers messages directly to the concerned recipient and is the fastest channel that reaches the customers within seconds and attracts them to make purchases. These features such as immediate delivery, and direct communication lead to advanced customer engagement and maintain customer loyalty.

Quick feedback:

Surveys and feedback are essential for a business as these develop a business and help future references. Many researchers have shown that 31% of consumers respond to a survey through mobile devices. Customer reviews are necessary as they provide information about the product as well as customers’ thoughts, and needs. Since the audience checks their mobile devices every 10 minutes, feedback through SMS helps to run a campaign successfully.

Shortcodes and keywords:

Shortcodes are the auto generated codes for any business that helps the customers to communicate with the owners. Short codes are 5-digit numbered codes or keywords that can be used to send messages by the customers to the business owner to get any information. The SMS provider shortcodes for businesses and sends messages along with the shortcodes so that customers can reach out to the agents. These shortcodes can be added to any promotional messages or advertisements.

Example: If you are willing to join the subscription, send ‘YES’ to the message.

Customer engagement:

SMS helps to increase customer engagement. When an SMS campaign is conducted, interaction with customers is necessary to know more about the audience. Customer interaction can be increased by sending reminder messages, and customer service through SMS messages. If such messages are involved in a marketing campaign, drive more sales for a business with a higher success rate. Making use of SMS helps the business value customers’ choices and needs developing customer interaction. Since SMS messages are direct with instant delivery, gateway providers help to send automated reminder messages.

Data and analytics:

The data such as response data, delivery rates, and tracking helps to conduct more campaigns. If data is maintained then the business gets to know more about its sales, and marketing strategies. With SMS provider gateway providers, this can be made easier because this gives the click-through rates. Click-through rates are the total clicks made by the customer on the links sent through texts. The response data and analytics enable a business to monitor, track and improve marketing techniques, and sales. With the help of such data, businesses can improve marketing campaigns and build better sales plans. Such data helps to improve ROI by making use of gateway providers. Segmenting the data will make it easier to send messages only to certain people.

High conversion rate:

SMS is the leading marketing tool with a high conversion rate. Many businesses are implementing call-to-action that has made the audience respond to these call-to-action messages making the SMS messages simple to use.