A fun night of drinking is not always as fun the following day. Sugary and fizzy drinks combined with little sleep and dehydration often lead to a classic hangover. However, you do not have to suffer through your symptoms. Find hangover relief in any of the six strategies below and bounce back after a night of drinking.

1. Herbal Cleanses To Help You Recover

Consuming alcohol pumps toxins into your body, as well as excess sugar or carbonation, depending on what you drink. An herbal cleanse can help you recover from many hangover symptoms by rehydrating your body and assisting your liver with detoxing. For example, an herbal detox for gas can help with bloating, cramps and flatulence, reducing some of your discomfort.

2. Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse

If you know you have a night of drinking coming up, prepare in advance with an herbal cleanse intended to target hangover symptoms. Stock up on a recovery drink that you can take the night before and the following day that will help minimize feelings of nausea, tiredness and sluggishness. You can also eat a carbohydrate-heavy meal before your night out and drink water periodically as preventative measures.

3. Hydrate, Then Hydrate Again

Alcohol is a diuretic, so it encourages your body to remove fluids from your blood, leading to dehydration. Drink water first thing in the morning and continue rehydrating throughout the day, especially if your hangover symptoms include nausea or sweating. In addition to water, try drinks containing electrolytes, such as Pedialyte or Powerade, for an added energy boost.

4. Move Your Body

Although exercising may be the last thing you want to do when you’re hungover, moving your body pumps oxygen through your veins, aiding your liver in removing all the toxins you consumed the night before. Exercise also releases endorphins, which can boost your mood. Try light yoga or take a quick walk if intense movement is too much for you.

5. Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Particular foods can restore some of your body’s depleted nourishment, specifically eggs and carbohydrates. Drinking often lowers your blood sugar, so your brain is functioning without its usual store of energy. Refuel yourself with foods that will replenish your sugar stores. Eggs also have the amino acid cysteine, which combats certain toxic byproducts of metabolizing alcohol.

6. Sleep Off Your Symptoms

Heavy drinking can disrupt your sleep patterns, affecting the overall quality of your rest. Research shows that after consuming a lot of alcohol, you spend more time in deep sleep and less time in the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep, which is a vital restorative stage. Therefore, sleeping through your hangover symptoms and giving your body time to rest may help you wake up feeling better.

Feeling hungover after a night of drinking is often inevitable. While there is no cure for your post-drinking sickness, you can take care of your body in ways that protect you from the brunt of it. Whether it’s a recovery drink hangover remedy or a big brunch the next morning, find the right strategies for you and get back on your feet.