As the region’s maximum rather valued spice, saffron imparts a lovely golden shade to meals and a stinky, aromatic taste. You can propagate it as pink-gold threads or as a floor, and it must be twelve months’ vintage. It has been used for hundreds of years in Persian, Arab, European, and Indian delicacies.

Saffron is a spice made from the stigmas of the autumn-flowering plant Crocus sativus, a member of the iris own family. It is native to Asia Minor, wherein it’s been cultivated for many years as a super flavoring for drugs, perfumes, dyes and elements, and liquids. Saffron threads are first magnificence and have yellow tendrils on one aspect and a flute on the alternative side. Ground saffron levels in shade from red to reddish-orange. Saffron is vegetarian, gluten-free, and appropriate for paleo diets.

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Saffron Vs Fake

American saffron or Mexican saffron is safflower, a member of the daisy’s own family, and a similar plant is used to deliver safflower oil. The dried plants of this plant afford an unusual yellow coloration to meals, however, they don’t have any taste.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa), also referred to as Indian saffron, is a member of the ginger circle of relatives. It imparts golden yellow coloration to the food however its flavor is not like saffron. Turmeric is used by unscrupulous stores to unfold saffron powder.

Warning about saffron meadow (Colchicum autumnale) – This unrelated plant is poisonous and ought to now not to be mixed with saffron.

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How Does It Taste?

Saffron imparts an earthy taste that has been defined as smelly or fruity. It is so diffused that it’ll continue to be hidden in dishes that include ambitious spices.

Cooking With Saffron

Saffron threads have to be beaten before use in recipes. For ground saffron, it’s miles best to roast the saffron strands gently and grind them yourself. Just be tremendously careful now not to burn them or they might not be usable. Often, the most effective recipes call for a pinch of saffron, so a touch goes an extended manner.

A now not unusual technique is to soak saffron strands heavily in cooking liquid earlier than their usage of them. The longer you keep the saffron strands, the greater impressive the flavor and color of the cooking liquid may be. Some thrifty chefs prepare saffron threads at dinner and use the liquid within the recipe, and then dry and reuse the threads in second instances.


Unfortunately, there may be sincerely no ideal alternative for saffron. Its unique flavor is a should for traditional dishes which include paella and bouillabaisse. Try the use of the real issue to get the result you want. However, turmeric or paprika may be used for a given shade the usage like saffron. Minimize the use of turmeric alternatively for saffron as its stinky flavor can without difficulty affect the meals.

In Which To Buy Saffron

Saffron may be in a nicely-stocked grocery keep, however, it’s far no longer regularly on an open shelf that can tempt thieves. This may be in a unique closed cabinet within the condiment area, or you may ask on the issuer table.

It is uncommon to buy saffron threads in preference to floor saffron. One purpose is that it is easy to become aware of a faux and comprehend that you are becoming the real saffron you’re shopping for. Powdered saffron isn’t as robust, loses flavor, and is adulterated with fillers and imitations without trouble.

Since saffron is hardly ever wanted, you may find that ground saffron is furnished in packets of about 1/16 teaspoon and in threads of approximately 1/four gram or teaspoon. Still, they will regularly flavor a few dishes in small quantities.

You also can order saffron online, however, you have to be wary of any gives. If the price is just too low compared to different spice carriers, it can no longer be actual saffron anymore.


Saffron threads will hold their maximum flavor for up to 6 months in case you keep them in a hermetically sealed field and hold the container in a groovy, darkish location. Like diverse herbs and spices, it is very touchy to mild, so wrap the packet in foil to protect it even extra. It may not perish, however as it gets older, it’s going to lose its taste quicker. If you are shopping for floor saffron, it has to be averted as such, however, you have to use it as soon as feasible as it is able to have already lost lots of its efficiency.