80G deduction

Section 80G Income Tax act has become a hot reason to talk. It is so trending everywhere that people are eager to know about it more diligently. This article is for those who have less idea about what is the act 80G all about and what its benefits for income taxpayers. If you are worrie about your savings and money, the perfect way to save your money is to donate it to a good cause i.e. funding to the needy. Spending money for charitable reasons at NGOs and trusts is a way to help out the poor. If you have enough money to spend, it is good to spend it on those who need food, clothing, or shelter. And under the 80G act, these NGOs and trusts are eligible with the taxation policy. The 80G deduction can be claimed under this act, which is provided after you have donated a certain amount. This act provides you with several benefits if only you donate the amount to trusts and NGOs which are well known and are registere under the act policy. 

It Is really important to know the technical aspects associated with Section 80G so that the taxpayers will be away from the later difficulties and hustle through the procedure. Some of them are liste below:

  • The specifications are already mentione in the income tax act about the eligibility concerned for donations and deductions for section 80G.
  • There is a fixed limite amount of money that you can donate under this act which will be Rs. 2000.
  • The tax benefits that are to be provided completely rely on the amount donated by the individual.
  • The 80G donations are not responsible for a full tax deduction in some contributions.
  • The 100% tax deduction is only available in some conditions such as when the donation is made to the government or some well-known charitable institutions and that amount should be spent for the promotion of society’s benefits that as promoting family planning and also for sports.

Important points to know about the 80G deduction process:

  • The deduction process is can be availe by every Indian citizen. Individuals, companies, institutions, NGOs, etc anyone can avail of this policy. This act is also available for NRIs who want to make donations to Indian firms.
  • The maximum amount that can be deducte is 10% of your total gross income.
  • There is a procedure to follow when you claim your deduction value after. You made your donation to authorized trusts and charitable institutions. First, all you need to do is get the receipt of your donation, the receipt must include the name. And address of that institution and also the amount you donated. After you get your receipt, you need to fill out a form ‘Donation Acknowledgement Receipt’. And submit both papers along with the tax return.


Section 80G income tax act gives you a chance to spend your money for a charitable reason. And provides you benefits as well as the needy ones. And from the above-mentioned points, people can have a brief knowledge of this act and its process and submit both papers along with the tax return.