Vending machines in India are convenient for instant access to hot or cold beverages in the office, cafeteria or any establishment. However, after using these machines for a while, they may show poor performance. They may constantly break down or need to dispense beverages as required. 

Untimely damage can be challenging since businesses expect these machines to work well for people using them. It is, therefore, crucial to understand when these machines need maintenance to prevent them from breaking down altogether. Here are some signs to check for and prepare for maintenance.

Incorrect and Changing Dispensing Speed

A functional vending machine in India should dispense tea or coffee at an optimal speed that fills a cup without spillage. However, over time it may start dispensing coffee slower or quicker than the normal speed.

This condition could signify that the dispending taps are clogged, or the internal systems are erratic. Therefore, it would be right to contact a professional maintenance company to open the entire machine and fix all the components that control dispensing rates.

Leaking Water or Beverages

Beverage vending machines have canisters holding water or milk to create a quality beverage mix. These canisters should be in great condition to minimize leakages that damage the circuitry.

If the machine shows signs of leaking, it requires immediate checking before it leads to other problems. Sometimes the canister may be overflowing or have a crack that causes leakage, clearly calling out for a replacement or adopting better filling practices to avoid ruining the machine.

Incorrect Beverage Temperature

A hot beverage vending machine should deliver consistent tea or coffee temperatures throughout its operation. However, a complex machine may start dispensing beverages cooler than normal.

Bad beverage temperature may indicate inadequate heating of water or milk or a faulty heating element. Having a manufacturer check the machine gives better insight into the operation of the machinery to determine faulty systems.

Unresponsive Interfaces

Modern vending machines in India have screens or multiple buttons for users to select a drink based on their preferences. These interfaces can select beverage strength, amount of sugar, number of cups, etc. When the vending machine fails, the interface may stop responding, or some options may not function.

Users who cannot effectively select what they want will not use the machine anymore. Therefore, when a vending machine shows unresponsiveness on one or more buttons, it is time to take it for maintenance.

During the Maintenance Schedule

When buying a coffee vending machine, the manufacturer provides a maintenance schedule that the business or establishment must follow. Only authorized personnel by the manufacturer should open and fix any issues when this time comes.

Only the manufacturer knows the main areas that need replacement and cleaning after a specific number of cycles. Vending machine manufacturers also send out reminders for maintenance schedules to ensure the timely handling of issues with the machine.

Maintenance Tips for Vending Machines

  • Check the Settings

Nearly all beverage vending machines have automatic dispensing, selection and cleaning settings. These settings are supposed to make the machine easy and simple to use. However, businesses must ensure they have a dedicated team of personnel to check these settings daily before operations. This practice prevents surprises when machines fail mid operations.

  • Regular Cleaning

Cleaning a vending machine can massively improve its performance. However, these machines constantly dispense liquids that can splash and drip outside the spillage tray. These liquids can enter the system without proper cleaning and interfere with the circuitry. In addition, the tea and coffee deposits may ruin the quality of the beverage, leading to costly repairs.

  • Sticking to the User’s Manual

Vending machine manufacturers provide rules for using their products to keep them in good condition. However, using these machines outside the necessary conditions subjects them to damage. Therefore, operators must stick to the water filling limits, properly plug in the machine, and also avoid opening the machine.

  • Going for a Reliable Technician

In case of any issues with the vending machine, it is crucial to go for a reliable and properly trained technician. These technicians must be in a position to diagnose vending machine problems and suggest appropriate fixes effectively. The supplier must also train the company and its staff to use and maintain the machines effectively.

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Although vending machines could perform excellently initially, they need 

to be serviced at some point to keep them in great condition. Most operators experience constant breakdowns, so they must check their machines regularly. As a result, manufacturers offer maintenance service schedules to ensure their vending machines effectively serve customers and workers.