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Atari has come lower back from the dead extra than as soon as. Under previous CEO Fred Chesnais, it moved into the cell sport and received the gold medal with a popular rollercoaster multi-millionaire title.

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This bought the agency for a while, and it began to test with the Atari brand, merging it into the entirety from ready-made Player One films to a line of Atari-branded motels. But Chesnais left for the duration of 2021 to pursue the blockchain gaming passion, with Wade Rosen taking up in April 2021.

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And Rosen plans to take Atari again to its roots in premium PC, console and cellular games. The company will strive to convey Atari classic games to new audiences, with content material reimagined for present day sensibilities. I talked to Rosen approximately these plans. He turned into also excited to hear approximately Atari Quest, an interactive fan fiction identify that weaves a narrative based totally on over four hundred Atari 2600 video games. This is an example of ways devoted Atari enthusiasts are.

Gamesbeat: What’s The Sport’s New Method At Atari?

Wade Rosen: It’s a return to Atari’s roots. The previous couple of years have seen a focus on cellular video games. Some, including RCT Touch, were a success, and we are able to maintain to achieve this. We are not transferring far from cellular games. But wherein do we positioned our new efforts? This is a change to our roots and to premium gaming specially.

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We positioned them in three buckets. One, it is bringing the classics to new audiences and new locations. Two, it’s updating the classics like we do with our recharge line. They maintain the unique, traditional gameplay and that middle joy of traditional games, but with updated and cutting-edge sensibilities. And then the closing one is a re-imagining of our original IP, which can be incredibly of a tie to the classic, however is clearly a distinctive sport altogether. It’s a brand new method, and that is what we’ve targeted on considering the fact that coming on board final year.

Gamesbeat: Does That Suggest You’ll Be Working With Greater New Development Teams, Unique Development Groups, That Are Specialised In Mobile?

Rosen: Okay. We’re running with some of the teams we have worked with within the past, and we are also working with quite a number of recent groups. One of the tremendous parts about this process – because those video games mean so much to so many one of a kind humans, we often have so many high-quality studios reach out to us and pitch projects. As an awful lot as we go out and look for new studios to paintings with, we also have the luxury of being capable of leaf through these initiatives and find those that resonate most to us. A lot approximately getting the ones tasks to marketplace goes to be 2022.

Gamesbeat: What’s an amazing cause for the shift from cell to these PC and console video games? Seems adore it became okay to give it an excellent run and notice if this is going to work, however for what purpose does the moving make experience?

Rosen: The trade isn’t due to the fact we see, universal, PC video games or console games or premium video games higher than mobile video games, or that these sorts of games are higher than casual games. It was greater because we thought it was the excellent path for Atari. When we examine what Atari is and what human beings comprehend it for, wherein is its ethos, what it is like to awaken anybody at Atari and paintings on a each day foundation, that’s what we hold coming again to.

This change turned into herbal for us. We found out we may want to make the first-class Atari games with the aid of focusing on PC and consoles in place of simply specializing in mobile titles. This does no longer suggest that those video games are not reachable, or that they’re no longer blissful in nature. But it is fundamentally specific in case you make a game for a cell audience. That’s where it got here from. It changed into a reflection of what Atari changed into pleasant for, in place of any foremost macro industry trend.

Gamesbeat: [Can You Talk About Fred Chesnis’ Role In Atari]?

Rosen: Fred is no longer with Atari. We paintings with Fred in a exclusive ability. He is presently jogging a business enterprise known as Crypto Blockchain Industries, that’s a new mission for him. Atari has partnered with them. We are performing some projects together with his new employer. But Fred is no longer in rate as far because the blockchain division is worried. There are exclusive groups focused on every of them.

Gamesbeat: The Manner It’s Structured, Operating With Quite A Few Outside Builders Versus The Fantastically Small Headcount At Atari, Will That Be Your Way Forward?

Rosen: The manner we are running makes feel of in which Atari become and is currently. We have completed nothing nowadays to fundamentally alternate it. I assume over the long term, as you observe the natural evolution of a recreation corporation, that if you have titles that you know you’ll have an extended time period., it is likely high-quality to have a blend of each inner and external and resources you can depend upon. But as of right now the plan is still to hold the tight, lean crew and work with external developers. Over time, who is aware of how that could go? I don’t think it’s some thing that we’re absolutely dedicated to because the agency evolves.

GamesBeat: The different difficulty is continually which franchises to cognizance on. If you are going to address one first, or address one in a manner that makes it the biggest challenge, how do you are making that decision?

Rosen: On the Recharged titles, we listen to what humans say. What people publish on Twitter, what they write us. We accumulate a whole lot of comments from the community and try difficult to listen to what human beings want. One of the benefits of being Atari is you could get a lot of remarks from human beings. There’s a number of signal there.

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