BenQ Zowie S2

The Zowie S1 is slightly larger and heavier than the S2, but both are very easy to hold. If you prefer claw grips, you’ll want to try the Zowie S1. Both are lightweight, but the S1 is much easier to hold in your palm. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll love how comfortable both are. And if you’re not sure which to buy, they’re both ambidextrous.

ambidextrous gaming mouse

The low-profile design is comfortable for users who hold their mouse with their palm or fingers. The wide front part offers additional support and grip while lifting the mouse. You can also adjust the mouse’s height to meet your personal preference. You can also adjust the mouse’s angle and click buttons to maximize comfort and control. The ambidextrous design provides support for both right and left-handed gamers.

The Zowie S2 is a medium-sized ambidextrous gaming mouse. It is equipped with an optical sensor and Huano switches for its main buttons. The mouse has minimal lighting and software features and is designed to be comfortable and safe for both left and right-handed gamers. The design is not overly complicated, but it is effective for gamers who prefer a simple, minimalistic gaming mouse with minimal bells and whistles.

Professional looking

If you’re looking for a good-looking mouse, the Zowie S2 is a great choice. It features a matte black finish that looks professional. Unlike the glossy finish on most regular mice, the Zowie S2‘s matte finish isn’t a fingerprint magnet, and it feels great to use while gaming. However, it’s not without flaws. Read on to learn more about this ergonomic mouse.

The Zowie S2 gaming mouse is made to be used with both your hands, and it’s designed for right and left-handed users. The S2 is designed to be comfortable and easy to handle, with no annoying 20+ buttons. It also features a flexible rubber cord, DPI settings, and a great shape. It’s lightweight and comfortable and will keep your hand warm and your wrists healthy. Its design will help you play games comfortably and efficiently.

Plug and play

If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that is easy to use, but also comfortable to hold, the BenQ Zowie S2 is the one to get. This affordable mouse has a unique shape and a PMW3360 optical sensor that delivers powerful performance. It is incredibly light and comfortable to hold and features adjustable DPI settings for gamers. The battery life is also a huge plus.

The design of the Benq Zowie S1 and S2 is very professional-looking. The base of the palm rest has a red logo painted on it, but it’s not distracting. It’s also covered in non-glossy plastic for a comfortable grip. While the mouse is comfortable to hold, it is not ergonomic. The cable is thin and can easily be changed without affecting the grip.

Black matte coating

The black matte coating on the Zowie S2 is a welcome change from the glossy finish of previous iterations. This new coating, which is a little more scratch-resistant, is still fingerprint-friendly. However, it doesn’t feel as sticky or annoying while gaming. There are a few differences between the black matte and glossy coatings, so the choice will likely come down to personal preference. Let’s take a look at both features and the pros and cons of each one.

The Zowie S2 and S1 feature a matte black coating instead of glossy plastic. The matte finish will complement almost any setup, including the S Series. Both models have a red Zowie logo on their sides, but this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for most people. Despite the matte black finish, the Zowie S1 is still available in the glossy version, allowing users to choose between a different look for their gaming station.


The Zowie S2 is smaller than the S1. The S1 is medium-sized and can be held with the palm or claw grip. The S2 is slightly larger than the S1. This is one of the reasons that the S2 is such a great buy for those who play a lot of video games. The mouse feels great in the hand and is easy to adjust the crosshairs. It also has an extremely powerful optical sensor, which allows you to perform tasks more quickly and accurately.

The buttons on the Zowie S2 are the best on the Zowie line. They’re softer and have more bounce than the G305’s, but that doesn’t mean the S2 is a better mouse for Apex Legends than the G305. The Zowie S2 has a decent middle click button that feels solidly built and has good tension and travel. Although the mouse isn’t the best mouse for Apex Legends, it could be an excellent choice for most people.

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