Your father may have given you numerous Diwali gifts, which has made your Diwali a wonderful and memorable one. But you may have seen that sometimes your father is working on Diwali day as well. When you are buying things and gifts for Diwali, at that time also your father is working. You may have seen that your father may have not bought gifts and things for himself. But he always buys the things and gifts, which you ask from him and sometimes without asking as well. If your father has done so many things for making your Diwali a special one, then how can you not do the things for making his Diwali special?

Best gifts for your father on Diwali

You are a capable one, and you can do things for your father, which can give happiness to him. When you give the Diwali gift to your father, then your father is not only going to be happy, but your father is going to be very proud as well. Because you are giving the Diwali gift to him. So make the Diwali of your father more special and happy, by giving a Diwali gift to him. 


You may be giving a gift to your father for the very first time, especially during Diwali time. So you may want to give that thing to him, which can not only create a lot of memories for you and your father. But also keep all the beautiful memories with themselves. So for this thing, you can give the camera to your father. Because the camera is a thing, which not only gives your father a new hobby of photography. You don’t need to think about the delivery of this thing. Because you can send the camera to your father’s place, as you send gifts to Bangalore for your friend. But it helps you and your father also to keep all the memories in it. Your father can click the pictures, and whenever he wants he can see them. 


You can give the clothes to your father also, because it may be a long time, since your father buys new clothes for himself, especially on Diwali. But this Diwali your father is going to celebrate while wearing the new clothes, which you are giving to him as a Diwali gift. You just have to buy traditional clothes, because you know the feeling of Diwali is going to come only when you wear traditional clothes. So you can buy traditional clothes for your father, and make Diwali happier for him and yourself also. 

Chess box 

Your father may love to play chess, and he may have that old type of chess board, and that’s why this Diwali. You can replace that old one with this new chess box. You can send gifts to India from the USA for your father also at Diwali time. The new chess box which you are giving to your father is going to have a print of the chess playing area outside the box. The chess box is going to have a space inside it, where all the chess pieces are kept. The chess box not only has the space for the chess things, but the box gives your father extra space also. Your father can use the extra space for keeping his important papers or things of his in it. The chess box is a thing, which your father loves to get from you. 

Modern alarm clock 

If you want your father doesn’t be late for work or the office, then you can give him the main alarm clock. The reason is that you can give the modern alarm clock, that the alarm clock is going to have a lot of new things and technology. Your father may have not seen this type of thing in his old alarm clock. This one is not only easy to use, but it is very helpful for him as well. Because your father can change the song, duration of ringing and many things in it as he likes. The modern alarm clock is a thing, which you can give to your father on Diwali. 

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You have gotten many things from here, which you can give to your father on Diwali. You also know that not only your father, but every father doesn’t like to buy things for himself. So you have to give that thing to him, which will be a useful thing for him, and if not a week, then come in use at least in a month. Because if the thing is not useful, then in place of appreciation you are going to get a scolding from your father. So give the perfect Diwali gift to your father and make him happy with it.