As a result of a person’s need to have their items close by, the bag came to be known as more than a portable tool. It has developed not only for providing necessity and convenience but also to reinforce status symbols. But how have bags evolved from the past to what we use today? What is the history of bags?

Initially, bags were used for practical purposes; to carry heavy things and for other housekeeping needs. The first kind of bag was manufacture from leather and fur. In ancient times, clothes were not so important to be used as pockets; therefore, people used belt bags that were attached around their waist and used to carry important items or instruments. Most common bags were create out of fabric and decorated with small decorative elements. Eastern European archeologists have found numerous remains of women’s leather bags dating back to the early Middle Ages. Such purses were hung on the belts or straps. They were also decorated with fringes, jingles, ornaments, embroidery, and precious stones. The richer the woman was, the more refined bag used to be.

Modern bags are consider to be gift by France. At the end of the 18th century, after the French revolution, women’s image and fashion changed drastically. During this period, small bags appeared that were carry by hand and called reticules. Over time the bag grew in size and earlier it used to carry a handkerchief, a mirror, and a fan. But by the end of the 19th-century books, cosmetics, and other useful items was put. Shoulder bags were introduc at that time.

In the modern world, bags are universal with many men and women routinely carrying them in the form of cloth, or leather briefcases, handbags, and backpacks create with more disposable materials such as paper or plastic. Modern bags may be closable by zippers, snap fasteners, etc., or simply by folding (in the case of a paper bag). These bags are also follow by celebrities as Hermes Kelly is a status symbol, second only to its elegant counterpart, the Birkin.

 Leather Bags for Women:

Now you would have understood that leather has been at the forefront in the creation of bags. Since ancient times and till now leather bags are one of the most precious accessories, one can have. But why leather? Here are some advantages of having a leather bag for women:

  1.     Sturdy:

Leather bags don’t wear out that easily. They are manufacture from animal skin and tanning hides and are process and create stronger and smoother with the pigmentation process.

  1.     Breathable:

You may be surpris to know that leather breathes well. If you keep your belongings in a leather bag and leave it like that for a very long time, they will not get spoil.

  1.     Goes with every outfit:

You can use leather bags with almost every outfit. It goes well with everything.

  1.     Environment friendly:

Most of the materials in the fashion industry have come and gone, but leather is an evergreen material and it is also environment friendly.

 Best Leather Bags for Women:

  1.     BOSTANTEN Women’s Leather Handbags:

With a large number of positive reviews on Amazon, this is one of the best leather handbags by BOSTANTEN. It uses cowhide leather with gold hardware. You can use a metal magnetic buckle, convenient for opening and closing. The bag has a main compartment with a removable pouch, a slip pocket, zippered pouch, and a main pocket for everyday essentials.

  1.     LEVOGUE Genuine Leather Crossbody Handbag:

LEVOGUE has got the best brown leather handbags which are timeless. These durable bags can withstand all the wear and tear of daily life owing to their sturdiness and durability. The bag has strong and smooth zippers, an exterior pocket for easy access, and is create with genuine leather.

  1.     Kodiak Mini Woven Backpack:

The new Mini Woven Backpack is a combination of style and luxury with a woven exterior and functional yet durable design. The bag has a full wrap-around zipper allowing for easy access to all essentials and the lay-flat opening makes it easy to pack and check all of your gear.

  1.     Kodiak Leather 45L Katmai Weekender Duffel:

The Katmai Weekender Duffel bag from Kodiak Leather is manufacture for girls’ getaways. This bag is classic and stylish for a quick weekend trip. The bag has open front pockets for easy access and YKK zippers. The adjustable shoulder strap is comfortable and the interior is create of black nylon liner and has large pockets and also a sidewall pocket for phones, passports, keys, and other small items. You can shop for this bag at great prices with the KODIAK LEATHER Discount Code.

  1.     Everlane The Italian Leather Studio Bag:

Everlane makes some of the most favorite tote bags for girls including this beautiful and luxurious Leather Studio Bag. This bag is create from 100% Italian Leather and has 4 pockets with big enough space to fit a laptop. You can wear this as an everyday bag or make it the traveling partner.

  1.     Kodiak Leather Woven Fanny Pack/Sling Bag:

The Kodiak Leather fanny pack is great for those who want to carry things with them but don’t want to carry a big bag. This bag is cwith top-grain cowhide and brushed brass hardware making it the perfect minimalist EDC.


Since the beginning bags were use for two main purpose; one was to carry essentials, and the other was to be a status symbol. Even today the bags are wearfor the same things but now they are so much more popular and have many types with multiple usage. We have compile a list of women’s leather bags that we think women of today will love as these bags are create from pure materials and are designe with maximum usage, comfort, and ease of use in mind. Check out these bags and choose one for yourself.