In Kodaikanal, you’ll find a world of enchanted lanes, enchanted hills, and unspoiled natural splendour. Kodaikanal, often called the “Queen of Hill Stations’ ‘ in South India, is the perfect location for a two-day getaway from the busy city life. a chance to re energise in the calming embrace of the mountains.

Following a schedule that includes the biggest attractions, acclaimed local restaurants, and interesting things will help you get the most out of your visit to the hill town of Kodaikanal. Hop aboard, and our guide will do just that!

Day-1 in Kodaikanal:

Once you get to Kodaikanal, check into your hotel room. We advise reserving a room at a hotel close to Coaker’s Walk or Kodaikanal Lake. Most of Kodaikanal’s tourist attractions are all very close and are within walking distance of these regions.

Go for Coaker’s walk:

Coaker’s Walk, a promenade that provides the best valley and mountain vistas shrouded in mist and fog, is a great place to take a quick (or leisurely) roam. Expect to see other tourists along the way, so take a long trek. Visit the telescope house to see the sights up close and personal.

Boating in Kodaikanal lake:

By boating at Kodai Lake, the most popular tourist activity in Kodaikanal, you may explore the artificial lake’s star shape. You can bike or simply go the entire 5-km trail around the lake if you wish to forgo the watercraft. In any case, you’ll be engulfed in the tourist commotion at Kodaikanal’s primary attraction.

Go to Bryant park:

Visit Bryant Park to see its magnificent botanical garden. Visit the glass house and rose garden, then stroll along the paved pathways. If you’re travelling with family or have a keen interest in horticulture, botany, or flora photography, visit the park. Alternatively, skip it.

Trek Dolphin’s nose:

By 2 pm, you should have finished everything on your to-do list since that’s when you should start the Dolphin’s Nose trek in Kodaikanal for the most breathtaking vistas.

Reach the summit cliff, which is formed like a dolphin’s nose, by taking this very simple hike. Another breathtaking vista, Echo Rock, was just a few steps away. You should allow two to three hours for the journey (both directions).

Visit La Saleth Church:

Visit the French-styled oldest church in Kodaikanal. The temple is perched atop a hill and is surrounded by breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Both the interiors and the exterior architecture, which is decorated in blue and white, are lovely. The experience of seeing a historic church in the centre of a hill town is very invigorating.

DAY-2  in Kodaikanal:

On your second day in Kodaikanal, continue to hike through forests and lakes that are inspired by nature. Since your first location is a brief drive away and has no restaurants, we advise you to start early with the free hotel breakfast.

Go to Mannavanur lake:

Visit Mannavanur Lake, one of Kodaikanal’s best-kept secrets, on a road trip. It is a calm, empty lake tucked away among stunning scenery. Take a walk along the spotless lake’s edge, snap some stunning photos, then take a little coracle ride. Visit the local farms that raise sheep and rabbits. It will take roughly three hours to travel back and forth.

Visit Pine tree forest: 

The scenic forest, which is dotted with big, imposing pine trees, is a must-see for an attractive jungle walkl. The forest path is home to a number of south Indian movies and is full of beautiful vistas. Enjoy a peaceful walk among the towering trees and take lots of pictures while you’re here.

Pillar rocks:

a must-see attraction for everyone travelling to Kodaikanal. The Pillar Rocks are a collection of vertical rocks that show huge pillars.

Although the walk is not too challenging, be careful when clambering up slippery rocks. There are several shops along the route where you may pause for refreshments. Atmospheric views can be seen from the summit.

Guna Caves:

The scary and dangerous Guna Caves are the spaces that have formed between pillar rocks. Visit the caverns during your tour for some adventure.

The caverns are small and unsettling. Due to the eerie tree roots close to that region,  the surroundings are strange. The Devil’s Kitchen is a natural historic site,so take caution when walking there because you could trip and damage yourself.

Do Shopping at Annasalai street market:

a crowded street store where you can purchase beautiful shawls, woollens, handcraft goods, wooden and brass items, along with a tonne of jewellery and collectibles.

At Corsack, a cottage artisan store, you may buy intriguing curios and antiques while keeping in mind about the welfare of poor people. Visit the Potter’s Shed on PT Road for locally made, adorably cute plates, mugs, and cups.


By Alberta