If you are considering going to Ireland for your further studies. If and are looking for Ireland study visa consultants, then you have come to the correct spot. Here we will guide you thoroughly.

To apply for an Ireland study visa from Pakistan and continue studies there. You must adhere to several rules and regulations. Therefore, you will need the proper assistance and consultancy.

Study Visa Consultants’ priority is to satisfy students and give them all the support. They need to ensure a successful and secure future. From the very beginning to the very end, Visa Consultants make sure you are properly guided. They set you on the right path, and collect all of your information. Go over all possible outcomes, and present you with the best option. Based on your prior experience and educational background.

Study in Ireland

Ireland is a part of the EU and is located on the western coast of the continent. Ireland draws many students each year. Because of its lush terrain, hospitable locals, high-grade higher education system, and cutting-edge teaching approaches. And a wide range of employment opportunities. Further, visit Ireland is a great choice for studying abroad. Because Irish universities consistently rank at the top of international rankings. Furthermore, while planning to study abroad in Ireland. And understanding Ireland’s study visa consultants for student visa requirements is a primary step. We have sketched the following guide. About the Ireland student visa process for your facilitation and understanding.

Facts about studying in Ireland

Many of the study visa consultants will not focus. The fact that students need to know about the country. Similarly, they are going to study and help students with the facts about studying in any country. They rather focus on the Student Study Visa and students are left out with very limited options. In addition, here are a few interesting facts that every student who is looking to go to Ireland for higher studies. What’s more, when applying for Student Visa with 7 sky consultants as their Ireland study visa consultants they need to give read these interesting facts.

  • Irish universities run a free fee plan for EU students. Allowing individuals who qualify to forego tuition costs if enrolled in a publicly financed course.
  • As a result, they offer a wide range of programs too. With a reputation for excellence on a global scale.
  • When the students join one of the largest communities of 35,000 international students. From over 161 countries, their exposure will be increased.
  • The only country in the Eurozone that speaks English
  • Likewise, the lead the entrepreneurial rates among the adult population.
  • Specifically, research work for higher studies matters a lot. And you will be amazed at that. In particular, the terms of research impact. Irish universities are in the top 1% of all research institutions worldwide.
  • Lonely Planet, just named Dublin, Ireland, as the second-friendliest city in the world.
  • Home to companies such as Google, Medtronic, and Microsoft

The world’s nicest city has lately been named twice as Dublin, Ireland, by Lonely Planet.

Visa requirements for studying in Ireland

Students from Pakistan require a visa to enter Ireland. Before beginning the process of applying for your visa abroad to study in Ireland, choose 7 sky consultants. Moreover, the students need to accept an offer of an approved program of study in Ireland. And have a receipt of a payment letter from a college in Ireland. EU citizens do not require a visa to study in Ireland.

Study visa Ireland -What you need to know

Type of Visa to Apply

1. C Type Visa

Moreover, if you are going for a course or program that is under 90 days’ duration. Then you will apply for a C TYPE VISA.

2. D Type Visa

In other words, D TYPE VISA for studying in Ireland is for the study course. Or program which exceeds 90 days.

When should I apply?

You should apply for your Ireland study visa as early as possible. Because it normally takes eight weeks or maybe longer to process.

How to Apply

  • Create and complete your visa application online at AVATS with the guidance of 7 sky consultancy. For Ireland study visa consultants; the facility is available worldwide. Moreover, you must be used by all applicants for Ireland Visa.
  • Pay the visa application fee.
  • Send your passport & other documents for processing to the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service (INIS).
  • Note:You may also need to provide biometric information.

 What will the cost of the student visa be?

To apply for the Ireland student visa- Visa Type D, you will also have to pay a fee of 60 EUR. Furthermore, depending on your situation, Irish authorities will allow you to pay this fee online. Thus, on location at a visa application center in Pakistan, or through a bank transfer.

In the same way, Pakistani students won’t need to get health insurance for the Ireland Study visa.

Required Documents of Ireland Student Visa for Pakistani Students

  • A summary of your application (print, sign, and date the summary. Of your application forms from AVATS and send them with your application materials)
  • Letter of application (A written or typed letter explaining your purpose of travel to Ireland. Date of arrival and departure, stating your commitment to obey rules and regulations and agreeing to terms and conditions)
  • Letter of Acceptance from the University or College
  • A schedule for your trip, vacation, or course of study (for lodging: a written or typed explanation of your lodging arrangements. And bookings in a hotel, hostel, or private residence). Thus, (For Study: the name, of course, you are studying, the name of the institution you are admitted in along with address, website, and phone number)
  • For instance, travel and medical insurance, you must get travel and medical insurance. Before your trip, following the clearance of your visa application.
  • Proof of fee payment
  • Passport (Must be valid till the duration of your course)
  • Recent Photographs (2)
  • Proof of Finance that will Cover Your Living Expenses During your Course Span
  • All the Documents Must Be Original and Certified (Translated into English)
  • Single entry – short stay ‘C’ visa (€ 60)
  • Multiple entries – short stay ‘C’ visa (€ 100)
  • Similarly, after entering Ireland, you have taken permission to stay in Ireland. And register with immigration before the date of your arrival is stamped on your passport

How do I check on my visa status?

  • Students can check their Ireland visa application status online. Using Visa Application Number to see if the visa has been processed. This list is updated weekly. You can also find this on the 7 sky consultancy Pvt Ltd website.
  • In addition to, if your Ireland student visa is approved, the Irish Embassy office will attach your visa to your passport.
  • If your visa is refused, you can appeal the decision if it’s within two months.

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