Construct a Mosque Somewhere in Pakistan

despite the fact that Muslims make up the majority of the population. In the rural areas of Pakistan, many populations do not have access to places of worship, so they are unable to take part in religious activities and events or receive an education in Islamic law.

  • History shows that Orthodox Islam and authentic Islamic knowledge may improve communities spiritually and economically.
  • The golden age of Islam in Iraq as well as in Muslim Spain. The Ottoman Turks, Mughal India, and a great many more examples can attest to the fact that the effective use of religion may lead to increased levels of production. thriving communities that are also self-sufficient and kind to their neighbours. The Prophet Muhammad founded the city of Medina. (peace and blessings be upon him). Medina was the most advanced community at the time, and it served as a model for communities that came after it.
  • Construct a Mosque in Pakistan
  • Because it serves as both a place of prayer and a focal point for the community, a mosque is without a doubt an essential component of such communities. People are able to meet one another, better their relationships with one another, expand their knowledge, participate to local activities, and find consolation in this gathering place.
  • It is also common knowledge that the presence of a mosque in a certain area can stimulate economic activity and promote commerce in that region.
  • A successful mosque should also assist in the production of virtuous, morally upright individuals who make significant contributions to society and lead lives that have significance.
  • Both primary and secondary sources of information attest to the notion that people living in rural areas of Pakistan do not have enough access to mosques.
  • People who live in economically disadvantaged areas and do not have the financial means to construct a mosque for themselves are the recipients of our mosque programme. They will continue to be without a mosque in their community if we do not intervene on their behalf or if we do not receive assistance from another source.

Experience of Muslim Hands (Building a Mosque in Pakistan)

  • By the grace of Allah, Muslim Hands has worked in the field of mosque construction for more than ten years.
  • To this day, Muslim Hands has built over 400 mosques in 15 different nations.
  • We empower the community to maintain the Mosque.
  • Our one-of-a-kind approach guarantees that we will choose the individuals and areas that are most deserving of the mosque. This ensures that the Mosque will provide long-term benefits for a long time after completion.
  • Our mosque programme covers Punjab, Sindh, and KPK, among other Pakistani areas. The effect of this has been enormous, as a result of which hundreds of peasants who had previously been unable to afford to construct their own mosque are now able to access a mosque in their immediate vicinity.
  • In terms of their other activity, Muslim Hands Pakistan has created a number of schools around Pakistan that provide an education to hundreds of underprivileged and orphaned children.
  • Feeding initiatives, income production schemes, and safe water projects are some of the other types of work being done in the country.

Rural Mosque project (Build A Mosque in Pakistan )

  • The goal of this project is to build a new mosque in the community of DG Khan, which is located in the province of Punjab.
  • The dimensions of the Mosque will be approximately 28 by 16 feet.
  • The Mosque will be constructed out of concrete; this will be its material of choice.
  • The Mosque is expected to have a capacity of at least seventy people at one time (including the roof).
  • In addition, there will be two restrooms and an ablution space available at the mosque (wozu khana).
  • The price includes whitewashing, water connection, sanitary fixtures, and electrical wiring.

The Mosque will allow the people to pray daily. In addition, the community will be able to use the location for meetings, religious events, and other community purposes. The madrassa (school) within the mosque will not only teach children but also adults.

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