If you want to create a quality textile collection, Fibra Creativa offers scarf stole  or clothing in natural silk, printed with your patterns and made to order for you.

You don’t need to know anything about silk fabrics or printing processes, or worry about production issues. We take care of all the production.

The Advantages Of Your Personalized Silk Textile Collection

European quality and manufacturing

Noble materials: we favor  quality natural fibers such as silk.

“All over ” printing  : the fabric is printed in rolls, then cut and made. The patterns therefore extend to the seams: no “rectangle in the middle”, no compulsory white edge on the scarves….

High-definition inkjet printing , for excellent rendering of your patterns : bright colors, fine lines and image details.

Washing Resistance.

Careful tailoring  carried out locally by our partner workshops.

100% European production : printing and production are entirely carried out in Catalonia.

Short series and control flexibility

Possibility of producing small series , from a dozen copies for most items. Some items are available individually, as a single piece .

Possibility of varying the patterns within a collection, even the models, without ordering hundreds of units.

Silk Scarves, Silk Blouses And Dresses, To Enhance Your Images

We offer various sizes of scarves , from classic silk squares to original sizes specially created to highlight your images , whether they are works of art, photographs or graphic design.

Our silk blouses and dresses are truly art to wear.

Our models and our fabrics are extensively tested : we can create small series without the need for prior prototypes, which reduces costs and delays .

Printed Silk Blouse And Dress

A printed silk blouse or dress is second to none for chic sheen. What if you could also choose a personalized print : a favorite photo, a painting that is close to your heart, a pattern that you have created? This is what Fibra Creativa offers you. Create your silk blouses or dresses printed with your own creations ! In single piece or small collections, without worry of production!

Silk is such a beautiful and pleasant material to wear at the same time! As a bonus, the high definition printing on silk gives superb colors , such fine detail!

You have understood it, at Fibra Creativa we love silk , particularly printed with original patterns.

Printed Silk Blouse, Tunic And Dress

Our stylist has created a model that is both elegant and easy to wear, which can be worn with bare arms or over a long-sleeved T-shirt for cooler days.

The wide and straight shape, current, highlights the placed patterns . It can be worn free or belted.

As always with Fibra Creativa, the printing is high definition digital, for bright colors and excellent rendering of details. The finishes are neat, as it should be for exclusive items. All our items are printed and made around Barcelona.

This model is available in 2 versions and 2 lengths, in 3 standard sizes (5 on request), and 2 fabrics to choose from 100% natural silk.

2 Lengths To Choose From:

Blouse or top : finished length approx. 65 cm

Dress or tunic : finished length approx. 90 cm.

These printed and made-to-measure silk blouses and dresses are available in 2 versions :

Total 360 degree look version  : all printed silk , front and back. Front and back can be the same or different. Order from single piece.

Casual chic version:  front printed in silk / back in matching plain cotton jersey (white or black, some other colors). The cotton jersey back brings ease to the garment, very pleasant to wear. Order from 24 units, with variety of patterns (one pattern per half dozen).

Assortment Of Sizes

These items are offered as standard in an assortment of 3 sizes S, M, L, evenly distributed. The cut often allows the same person to choose between 2 sizes, according to their preference (for example, between S and M, or M and L).

For orders over 4 dozen, possibility to distribute sizes unevenly or to include sizes XS or XL.

Possibility To Vary The Patterns

Within the same series or collection, it is possible to vary the patterns, with a minimum of half a dozen pieces per pattern. For example, an order of 24 units can include up to 4 different designs.

Be careful, however, for small orders, a large variation in patterns complicates not only production but also your inventory management. Half a dozen pieces spread over 2 sizes, this is equivalent to 2 pieces per size per pattern, so a risk of quickly exhausting certain pattern/size combinations.

What Designs Can Be Printed?

Photos, reproductions of paintings and other works of art, drawing, graphics… everything is printed from digital files, scans or photos in high resolution (200 dpi).

Ratio patterns are printed continuously, then the fabric is cut and sewn.

For placed designs (most artwork reproductions, photos, drawings), the placement of the design must be planned. The back or the front are part of a rectangle of fabric.

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