eBefore we can actually save money in the system, we need to address the widespread fraud in the American healthcare system. If the system were changed and the opportunity for easy money was remove, we could save many billions of dollars. I spent months preparing my company for hcsc medical policy and Medicare approval, so I am aware of the mess our healthcare system is in. It makes me think of drying off in the rain with a dry towel every five minutes. Complexity and redundancy appear to never end. a system that is completely disassembled and bleeding heavily.

Because I spent months acquiring the necessary requirements for my company’s approval for hcsc medical policy and Medicare, I am aware of this as a fact. You must be approve and checked by at least three clearinghouses to begin the process. What a horror!

In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about IT and cross-functional platforms that can help us save money and avoid high medical costs. Our government and the majority of consumers have no idea how our healthcare system works or how it has become a “Cash Cow” for criminals. The system is “Bleeding Profusely,” and fixing it will require more than just a bandage.

Overcharges are imposed on the customer at every stage, all the way to bankruptcy. According to an article, medical expenses accounted for 61% of bankruptcies in 2007-2008, up from 27% just a few years earlier.

I was having lunch with a 70-year-old man yesterday when he inquired about my activities. I told him with great pride. Sir, I sell and distribute high-quality medical supplies and crutches, forearm crutches, bedside commodes, and bed tables from my company. He told me his story because he could tell that I was passionate about what I did. He was diabetic when he retired from General Motors, and he mentioned that his co-pay was $11.00 each time he went in for a checkup. In contrast to the usual rush, the doctor recently spent approximately ten minutes with him, which he appreciated until he checked out. This time, it appears that the doctor charged him $33 for his copay. Let’s do the math: he charged $20.00 for 10 minutes. That amounts to twelve dollars an hour.

Oh, and if the co-pay was only 20% of the total bill, then he could charge for 50 more minutes, which the insurance would cover. We are aware that he charges $33.00 per ten minutes. Since this is a patient share, $165.00 is the result of multiplying $33.00 by 5. Therefore, here is what you have. The total cost that the doctor is billing for a single checkup is $198.00, regardless of whether the man or his insurance company pays for this. This is nearly $200 per ten minutes, or $1,200 per hour, rather than $198 per hour. This is wrong, no matter how you cut it!

Things get worse. This physician has not even begun charging for any additional hcsc medical policy or scripts that he can bill for. I’m sick of this happening in my own backyard!

Everyone is overcharging for healthcare hcsc medical policy in every way, and no one is keeping an eye on the situation.

Supporting education, wellness programs, and preventative care can result in significant savings. Put real money into this so that recommendations will be followed. Customers won’t use our system unless it offers financial incentives for better health.

The foods that are recommend as being “healthy” can be harmful to one’s health and cost a lot of money. Our ridiculous diet, with all of the non-nutritional foods touted as healthy, is one of my pet peeves. Many of the additives and artificial ingredients are causing severe mental and physical problems, have addictive properties, and exacerbate current and future medical conditions, making our society obese and psychologically dependent on them. Diabetes, migraines, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological conditions are examples.

I have a lot of interest in health and related subjects. If you have a chance, I wrote a comment on my blog about an unknown substance that diabetics’ blood contains. Diabetics should read it.

Incentives to eat healthier should be offer by Congress, and Congress should investigate the nutritional value of the foods we consume on a regular basis. In a short amount of time, this alone will save billions.

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