Any damage or issues with our phones can drive us into stress and ruin our entire day, not to mention the costly repairs that follow. Dropped phones can cause cracked screens as well as physical and component damage. In case of severe damage, you must immediately visit a cell phone repair shop in Virginia. Most smartphone manufacturers now produce notch-less displays, preventing them from being harmed even after a fall from a high place.

There are probably only two reasons you’re reading this:

  • You’ve dropped your phone, breaking the screen and turning it into a spiderweb of distress.
  • You just dropped your phone and thanked your lucky stars that it survived almost undamaged.

How to Keep Your Phone from Falling?

Various techniques for keeping your phone secure and safe from outside hazards exist. Instead of visiting a cell phone repair shop, here are a few tips to keep your phone from falling and getting damaged:

Get a Case

The easiest approach to avoid accidental phone drops is to use a high-quality case. Look for a phone case of premium plastic or rubber from a recognized manufacturer for the best drop protection. It gives additional grip and a fair dose of impact protection in the unlikely event of a fall.

Use phone-holding accessories.

Today, numerous helpful phone-holding attachments are available that protect the phone’s screen and other components from harm caused by a fall. Mobile airbags, for example, safeguard phones even when they fall from great heights. It features sensors that detect free fall and turn on. It causes the metal components beneath mobile phones to protrude, ensuring a smooth landing and preserving the phone’s edges. Mobile rings are adaptable and lower the danger of dropping the phone greatly. Pop sockets and grip tabs are two other useful gadgets and equipment.

Use a screen protector.

The phone’s screen, like the back, requires protection. 

Tempered glass screen protectors are inexpensive to keep your screen from cracking and breaking. Tempered glass offers far superior protection to plastic screen protectors. Furthermore, they can considerably lessen the damage a drop can cause to the screen.

Safely store the phone.

Phones frequently slip out of pockets, particularly back pockets, and land on the floor or in the toilet bowl. 

Keep the phone in your purse or use a belt clip to avoid such scenarios. When not in use, keep the phone in a safe place.

Change Your ‘Operational Mode’

Do you ever reach your hand to expand or swipe away a notification only to let go of your phone? Change the access mode on your phone, whether a Samsung or an iPhone, to make it easier to use alone. Enable one-handed mode on Samsung and other Android devices. 

Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS has an analogous feature called reachability mode. With these useful modes enabled, you may scroll a screen such that all apps are within a single thumb’s reach, and you can easily toggle them on and off using swipe-based shortcuts. You’ll never have to stumble around looking for apps on the opposite side of the screen again. In case of serious damage, contact an iPhone repair shop in Virginia.

Beware of Bathroom

The bathroom is a phone safety nightmare. It’s best if you leave your phone in another room. All electronic devices are away from open water because it is hazardous to both you and your phone.

A secure charging spot

Place the charging device away from places where people will pass. Also, keep the cord carefully tucked away so it can’t be tugged or tripped over, perhaps dragging your phone down.

 Grip Firmly

The most prevalent cause of phones dropping from your hand is how you handle the smartphone or tablet. 

As a result, a firm grasp of the gadget is required. How you catch your device is critical in preventing it from dropping. If your phone is dropped and broken, you can learn how to repair phones by purchasing our cell phone repair book.

Waterproof the Device

Water is well known for wreaking havoc on electronic devices. It could rain, or your gadget is wet in the pool or beach. Even perspiration damages your phone. Don’t get panic about rushing for cell phone repair services to invest alot of money. You’ll need a waterproof case for your phone for this. Thus, waterproofing is essential to save money. It is easily accessible at any nearby mobile store, or you may get it online.


Each of these ideas is an excellent method to avoid breaking your smartphone by modifying how you use it. Despite our best efforts, screen protectors, heavy-duty cases, and careful preparation, certain mishaps are unavoidable. These accessories will help them to some extent, but your cautious mind is the most potent tool. 

Keep an eye on your phone and handle it with caution. Fortunately, breaking your smartphone screen does not have to be the end of the world. You can visit a cell phone repair shop to fix the damaged phone.

Protect your phones with the help of the mentioned saviors!

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