A traveler who receives a waiting ticket becomes concerned as they wait for the confirmation of the ticket. They worry that they won’t learn the PNR number’s true status of the ticket prior to the departure date. To validate their train tickets, some people use various strategies. Additionally, a lot of searches are made by passengers on the railway portal to check the status of their PNRs and the train schedule. Allow us to assist you in solving any problems you may be having with Check PNR Status on the Indian Railway.

PNR, or passenger name record, stands for. It is a ten-digit number. The railway has a facility that allows you to view the status of your PNR if you receive a waiting ticket. A confirmed ticketed PNR number can also be used to check the status of the reservation.

On the Indian Railways’ official website, you can check your PNR status. In addition to this, you can also telephone or send an SMS to check the status of an Indian Railway PNR. This is where a tonne of third-party websites and apps will be helpful.

The following steps explain how to use WhatsApp to check PNR status and view current train information:

In your phone’s WhatsApp app, update it. Users using iPhones and Android devices can update the app through the App Store and Play Store, respectively.

On your phone, save the number ” +91-7042062070″ for Zoop train inquiries.

The person will now be included in your WhatsApp contacts list as a result.

Open your contacts list by going to WhatsApp and selecting the “new message” button.

Put your 10-digit PNR number in the message window after selecting the Zoop contact.

Send Zoop the PNR number. You will receive notifications and real-time updates on your train trip and WhatsApp status when using this service.

According to Zoop, a traveler using IRCTC ticket services regularly checks his or her PNR Status 10 to 20 times prior to the departure date. Passengers will receive regular updates and be able to watch the live train operations status of pnr enquiry easily on their Whatsapp number thanks to the new capability of checking real-time PNR status.

Verify the PNR status of a train

This is why you may now use WhatsApp to check PNR Status. But do you have any further suggestions for this new function? You can check on the status of your online train meal order. You can then use this to lodge a complaint. Many issues have been resolved as a result of all of these features. Taking into account that seniors can utilize WhatsApp. If they have the required self-education and understand how to place orders, anyone can now eat aboard a train. The Indian Railways will collaborate with ZoopIndia to offer real-time WhatsApp status updates for trains. Use the Zoop app to check the status of a train by following these steps.

The 10-digit PNR number of your IRCTC rail ticket can be found in the top left hand corner.

Next, after keying in the PNR number linked to your ticket, select “Get Status” from the menu.

To find out information about the rail ticket you purchased, check your 10 digit PNR status.

How can you find out the status of my PNR for a railroad ticket reservation?

Because WhatsApp now allows you to check your PNR status. But do you know of any more uses for this new feature? You can also monitor the status of your online train meal order. Then, you can make a complaint using this. Many issues have been resolved thanks to all of these qualities. Anyone can now dine on a train because even elderly individuals can use WhatsApp and learn how to place orders on their own. The Indian Railways will deliver live WhatsApp status updates of trains in collaboration with ZoopIndia. To check the status of a PNR, adhere to these steps:

Find theĀ  pnr status 10 digit number on the top left of your IRCTC train ticket.

Select “Get Status” from the menu after entering the PNR number for your ticket.

You may view information about your train ticket purchase in your PNR Status.

How to Monitor a Live Train Status on WhatsApp

The steps below can be use to access the live train status on Whatsapp:

Save the “make my trip” official number on your phone in step 1 (+91 -7042062070).

  1. Launch WhatsApp and update your contact list. As time goes on, the above number will start to appear in your Whatsapp contact list.

Step 3: Click the new message button to find out the current location of your train.

Step 4: Choose the contact you saved in step 1 from the list.

  1. Enter your train number and click the transmit button.

Step 6: You will receive a return message with your live train status a little while after sending your message.

These are the ways in which you can use WhatsApp to check the status of your PNR and the current train.

Zoop may use it to Check PNR Status as well. Follow this guide to learn how to check the status of your PNR in Zoop.