Has it ever happened to you to meet someone for the first time and feel an instant, undeniable attraction to them? It’s possible that your aura colors are harmonious, or it could be due to your mutual charisma and charm.

Some believe that the state of our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being can be gauged by observing our auras, the minute electromagnetic field emitted by all living things. It surrounds us even when we aren’t conscious of it, as Charlie Watts of Aura Weaver put it TODAY.


Auras are similar to zodiac signs in some respects, but unlike astrology, they don’t predict the future. Auras, on the other hand, are neutral in nature. Even if you haven’t accepted these facts about yourself, they are simply a reflection of your identity and current situation in life.

Aura reader Susanna Merrick told TODAY that getting to know one’s aura was a powerful way to connect with oneself and one’s ideas. This is how we learn more about who we are as people and, by extension, what we want on the inside.

Though auras typically display a rainbow of colors, some people have a predominance of a single hue that remains constant throughout their existence. “Some colors are always with us; I refer to these as our innate colors,” Merrick elaborated.

This vitality defines who we are as people and shows us who we truly are.

The colors of your aura can change all the time because your energy, mood, and thoughts are always evolving. Keep in mind that everyone has their own special aura. Some people notice a dramatic shift in aura coloration during times of major life transition (like job or relationship changes), while others do not.

Colors in Your Aura: how to tell

Merrick suggests consulting a professional for the most accurate reading of one’s aura, even though there are many online personality tests that claim to be able to do so. You can either have a professional photograph your aura or consult a skilled aura reader “with the ability to see and interrupt” these energetic colors.

Aura Weaver, a company that specializes in aura photography, holds sessions in a mobile yurt for 15 to 30 minutes. A person’s aura can be captured on polaroid film within two minutes of placing one’s hands on bio-feedback sensors. Once you’ve chosen your colors, the “Aura Weavers” will break down their meanings and how they apply to your life.

Colors of the Aura and Their Meanings

Put, being aware of your aura colors can help you play up your strengths and address your weaknesses.

Examining the hues that manifest in your aura can shed light on your innermost beliefs and values. Then, you can compare your findings with those of your friends, family, and potential partners who also take the test.

The first seven years of life are associated with the development of our root chakra, which is associated with color red and is said to teach us how to protect ourselves and survive in the world. It stands to reason, given Watt’s claim, that those with red auras are more likely to be ardent, self-aware, powerful, and courageous than those with blue auras.

According to Merrick, “Just as in color psychology, red is all about being seen.” “When this is in your energy field, you can confidently step into the limelight.”

Merrick says that if red isn’t present in your aura, you might be trying to rebuild your self-esteem and enjoy being in the limelight.

Orange is color of the sacral chakra, which is a wellspring of originality, passion, and self-expression. Those blessed with an orange aura tend to be imaginative thinkers who aren’t afraid to take chances. Merrick thinks that they thrive in high-octane situations, such as sports and activities.

Orange, she elaborated, “is about being brave, having the courage, and showing up.”

Having no orange in your aura may indicate that you are considering a radical change. If you’re worried about the potential downsides of this shift, take heart: Merrick says it will “absolutely pay off if you make the leap.”

People who radiate the sunny yellow of the solar plexus chakra are hard workers who find pleasure in the routine. To quote Merrick, “they are the sunshine we all require.”

People who have yellow auras are like little lights in the room. To paraphrase Merrick: “This aura has the highest frequency, and most people feel it without seeing it.”

Merrick says that adults who want more playfulness in their lives might benefit from getting in touch with their inner child.


Those who have a green aura are devoted to love and get along well with others because the heart chakra corresponds to the color green. They are typically goal-oriented in all areas of life, not just relationships, and they do best when given a clear path to follow. Merrick said, “I know it’s tough for you to break the rules, but every once in a while, you deserve to have a little fun.”

Merrick says you need to manifest love, a new job, or new friends if there is no green in your aura. A person with a green aura is someone who can make sense of their goals and then take action to make those goals a reality.

Colors associated with the heart chakra include pink and green. The people who have pink auras don’t take themselves too seriously, but that doesn’t mean they don’t put in the effort. They value friendship and family above all else and are extremely loyal to those they consider the closest to them.

Merrick elaborates that those with pink auras are typically “free spirits” who “have no shame about what makes them glow.”

Merrick says that if you don’t have any hints of pink in your aura, you should consider developing your nurturing side or focusing on your interpersonal skills. Her recommendation? Load up on self-care and self-love.


Magenta auras, the ideal blend of pink and red, reveal one’s spiritual side. According to Watts, those with magenta auras are “heart-centered, motivated, grounded, and inspiring.”

A person with a blue aura is likely to be honest and forthright because blue is the color associated with the throat chakra. Merrick cautions those with blue auras to “find balance” and “be careful not to give their energy away to everyone” due to their natural tendency to help others without expecting anything in return.

However, there are times when this shade suggests a need for repair. “We often view sadness as a negative emotion, but it can bring us profound wisdom if we are willing to experience it,” Merrick said. When blue appears in your aura, it may be a direct sign that you need to take some time to mend.


The crown chakra relates to the color purple, which is also associated with the aristocracy. People who have a purple aura tend to be idealists who want the best for everyone. They may place a high value on spirituality, and they give serious thought to the idea of manifestation. The only thing they want, as Merrick put it, is for “change and innovation to flourish in the world.”

If purple is present, it could mean something momentous is on the horizon. Merrick advised, “Make use of this enthusiasm by formulating a plan for your future desires.” Never be worry to put yourself out there and go after what you want.

A white aura is a sign of spirituality and purity, and it is technically associated with the crown chakra. According to Watts, those who have white auras are “inspiring, wise, energized, optimistic, and protective.”