Are you planning to go on an Umrah journey? If you are planning to go on this pilgrimage then you must know the important things that you have to keep in consideration when you go for the Umrah journey. As we know that the most important thing while performing the Umrah journey is Ihram. It is because we cannot Perform an Umrah journey without wearing Ihram. There are some rules and regulations for Ihram which are fixed by Allah Almighty. But there are some misconceptions attached to these rules. These misconceptions are made by people. There is no solid surface for these misconceptions.

We must avoid these misconceptions when we go to perform the Umrah journey. There are many restrictions for Ihram but there are flexibilities also. To avoid these Common mistakes for Ihram, we must know about these misconceptions. This article is for you who want to know about the mistakes that make while wearing Ihram. We must avoid these common mistakes when we go to perform Umrah with February Umrah 2023.  You can avail of the cheap February Umrah packages by Nextflights in the coming year. These packages are available at very reasonable and affordable prices.

Misconceptions Related To Ihram

A common man makes mistakes due to certain misconceptions. If we know these misconceptions then we can avoid these mistakes when performing the Umrah journey. To get know-how about these misconceptions let us discuss them. In this way, we can avoid them when we will go to perform February Umrah 2023.

Do Not Pass Miqat In The State Of Ihram

It is a very common sense misconception of people. This myth has no association with reality. People say that we cannot cross Miqat without being in the state of Ihram. But this is an illogical misconception. As we know Jeddah is inside Miqat. When we are landing at Jeddah airport then how we cannot cross Miqat without wearing Ihram?

If we are landing at Jeddah airport then we go to Mecca directly for performing the Umrah journey. We wear Ihram after landing at Jeddah airport. After wearing Ihram, we go to Mecca for the performance of the Umrah journey. So, we should avoid this misconception created by people when we go to perform Umrah in February.

Wearing Of Shoes During The State Of Ihram

There is another misconception about Ihram. Some people say that it is mandatory to wear shoes when you are entering the state of Ihram. They think that if they are not wearing shoes during the state of Ihram then their Ihram becomes invalid. But it is not the right thing. It is completely up to you to wear shoes or not when you are entering the state of Ihram. It is not a necessary thing to wear shoes when entering the state of Ihram.

You can wear shoes either before or after entering the state of Ihram. People create a misconception that if they are not wearing shoes during the entrance of Ihram then they cannot wear them after entering the sacred. But you can wear the shoes even after entering the state of Ihram. Must follow these tips when you go for February Umrah 2023.

Offering Two Rakats While Entering The State Of Ihram

Another misconception about Ihram is that people think that it is necessary to offer two Rakats prayers when entering into the state of the Ihram. But Muslims don’t need to pray these two Rakats. It is dependent on their choice. If they are willing to perform these two Rakats then they will get rewards for it. On the other hand, if they are not willing to perform then it is not a sinful act for them.

Abul Abbas Sheikh Al Islam Ibn e Tamiya suggests these two Rakats. He says that there is no specific prayer when entering into the state of Ihram. The Messenger of Allah Almighty, our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH did not give any narration about these two Rakats. So, it’s completely up to you to offer these two Rakats or not. You can gain the virtues from Allah Almighty by offering two Rakats in your February Umrah.

Stitched Garments Are Strictly Prohibited In The State Of Ihram

Most people say that there is a strict prohibition on stitched clothes in the state of Ihram. For men, the dressing for Ihram is unstitched but they can wear the stitched belt in Ihram. And women always wear stitched clothes in the state of Ihram. Hence, it is a misconception that you cannot wear stitched items in the state of Ihram. It is also a misconception created by people themselves.

Taking Pictures In Ihram

It is the time of modern technology and all people who are performing Umrah have smartphones and cameras with them. When they wear Ihram and visit religious places, they take pictures in Ihram. It is not a good thing because you are there to worship Allah Almighty. You are not on a vacation or trip where you are taking pictures. Ihram is a sacred state and you should respect this state. If you are unaware of the respect and grave of Ihram then there is no benefit of performing the Umrah journey.

It is advisable that please avoid taking pictures in the state of Ihram. You are present in the House of Allah Almighty. Your main purpose should be pleasing Allah Almighty and worship him as well. If you are de-tracked then remind yourself that you are in a sacred state of Ihram. So, avoid taking pictures when you go for Umrah

Entrance From A Specific Gate

People have made another misconception that you have to enter through a specific gate of Masjid-Al-Haram. For example, if you are going to enter Haram then must enter from Babb as Salam. They think that if they will enter from another gate then it will be a sin or makrooh. But it is also an illogical misconception of people themselves. Hence, you can enter from any gate in Masjid-Al-Haram. There is no compulsion to enter from a specific gate. The only thing that you have to keep in mind t step on your right foot first when you are entering into Masjid-Al-Haram.

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Recitation Of Certain Duas

Another misconception is to recite certain Duas. These Duas are not present in any of the Islamic obligations. These specific Duas are only the invention of people themselves. And now they consider them an obligation to recite. Some people have invented Duas for entry into mosques. Others have created Duas while looking at the Holy Kaaba. But the thing is that you will get virtues after reciting these Duas but these Duas are not mandatory to recite. So, we should keep a difference between what is mandatory and what is a recommendation.


In short, we should not believe these misconceptions when performing the Umrah journey. We should keep these things in consideration. It is a sacred journey and we should not ruin it by making mistakes and by believing in misconceptions. These misconceptions are the creation of people themselves and now they consider them mandatory. After reading this article, you must have ideas about these misconceptions and you must avoid them as well. Avail the February Umrah packages 2023 from Next Flights as soon as possible.