One of the most beautiful things on the face is the eyebrows. Depending on how full or scanty it is, it gives your face a new kind of feature. It either brings out all the properties hidden in your eyes or it just gives your whole face a character no one can deny. Many with fuller eyebrows have either been called beautiful or handsome sometimes in life and when it comes to fuller hair, the men have it the most. It’s one of the reasons women have now decided to get something done to their scanty or non-existent eyebrows. That is, however, not our major concern in this article and although science, seeing that some kind of greed has set in for the women folk, also decided to evolve, so we now have cosmetic surgery of any kind. You may have heard of people doing butt lifting, tightening their vaginas, botox and so many others. These are procedures that the greed of the women folk has brought in. Not that it is a bad thing, but most of these procedures have some irreparable harm to the body, leaving the site or that part of the body in which the surgery was done unusable or just useless. Despite all of these, women still go for it and even more so, would like to look younger for their partners even as they age. So, for this reason,  they opt for an levantamiento de cejas.

Now, we may have said that it was greed that brought cosmetic surgery about but we can all agree that it has helped people in so many ways, especially those who have been so unfortunate and have gotten into one accident or probably a congenital disorder where they require cosmetic surgery. In cases like this, we can agree it is quite needed.

Not disregarding the idea behind doing an eyebrow lift which is why we would talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure in particular.

As explained earlier, this procedure is also considered a surgical procedure, a cosmetic surgery to be precise and what it does is try to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes and the face in general by lifting the skin of the brows.

What does it entail?

This procedure mainly involves making an incision behind the hairline a cross of the top of your head, from one of your ears to the other, but mainly the top of your head. Then the next thing your cosmetologist would do is lift your forehead into a whole new position with the scalp in front of the incision which then overlaps the scalp behind it.

Will it change the shape of my face?

You may wonder if this procedure will change the shape of your eyes, but not necessarily. It may, however,  enhance altogether the look of your face but in no way does it change your eye’s shape.

What it will do is improve the natural arch of your brows and then give you a more refined, structured and elegant look.

The brow lift procedure takes 10 to 12 years on average,  although some patients may enjoy the results for a longer period. And some factors like your age or skincare routine may or will determine how long your treatment will last you.

What are the risks involved?

Risks that you may encounter if you decide to undergo a brow lift are infections, scarring of the incision site, complications with the movement of the brows, or the loss of sensation around the eyes. Sagging around the eyes may also occur.


In brow lift procedures, especially the nonsurgical which is botox, the injection is administered directly into the site. It is less painful this way, but not less risky.

Although we have carefully started the risks involved with these procedures, either surgical or nonsurgical, you must know that the risks are usually rare.