The role of eyelashes for us

Normally, a newborn baby will have about 150 eyelashes at birth. These eyelashes will usually be very thin, very short, but they play a very important role in protecting your baby’s eyes:

  • Protect your baby’s eyes from smoke, dust, harmful effects from the environment.
  • Prevent some of the water from entering the baby’s eyes.
  • Covers the glare of the light.
  • Prevent eyeball damage.
  • Increase the aesthetics of the baby.

Why cut your baby’s eyelashes?

Before coming to the tips for cutting eyelashes for babies, have you wondered why a mother would cut her baby’s eyelashes?

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The act of cutting eyelashes for children often comes from 2 main reasons:

Baby’s eyelashes are inherently too long

Depending on the location, many babies are born with very long eyelashes. Long eyelashes are beautiful, but at such a young age, the effects on the baby’s eyes are quite large. Long eyelashes will block the baby’s vision, poke the baby’s eyes, cause itching and discomfort. Even the cause of the baby’s eyes are red, swollen and discharge.

Eyelashes are too short and sparse

According to the folk belief of many previous mothers, tips to cut eyelashes for babies when they are still newborn will help stimulate their elongation, when they grow up, they will have a longer and more beautiful eyelashes, making their eyes bigger. than…

Many mothers think that cutting eyelashes for babies will help them grow longer and more curled when they grow up

The truth of cutting eyelashes for babies to make them longer

This is a trick that goes viral and is followed by moms. Many mothers think this is quite effective. But on the contrary, many mothers think that this way is harmful to the baby’s eyes. What is the correct interpretation?

According to experts, currently there is no specific evidence or research to prove that cutting eyelashes at an early age will make eyelashes longer. Eyelashes, like hair, are all grown from follicles. Long or short eyelashes, strong or weak, all depend on the hair follicles. Therefore, the fact that you cut your baby’s eyelashes is purely an external effect, does not affect the hair follicles and obviously, it will not make the eyelashes grow longer than usual.

But in fact, many mothers cut their baby’s eyelashes, after a while, the eyelashes are clearly improved. The main reason is that when the eyelashes are cut, the baby’s eyelashes are reduced, the baby’s eyelashes are open, the pores are dilated and the cleaning and cleaning of the baby’s eyelashes also becomes easy. Not only that, the length of the eyelashes will also be different. Therefore, when you cut your lashes, the lengths automatically become equal and the next day, our growth will also be the same. From there, you have a feeling that your baby eyelashes are longer and more beautiful.

Tips to cut eyelashes for babies are spread a lot, but should we cut eyelashes for children or not? Because the child is still very young and often shows difficulty and trouble when you try to cut for him. This will inadvertently cause some unforeseen harm such as:

  • If the baby tries to fuss and you try to cut, trim the eyelashes, the scissors will accidentally poke the baby’s eyes.
  • After cutting the eyelashes, the eyelashes will become jagged, causing discomfort and destroying the structure of the baby’s hair follicles.
  • Eyelashes have a great role, cutting eyelashes is that you are inadvertently cutting off the protective layer of your baby’s eyes.
  • Longer eyelashes will sting and make your baby uncomfortable.

Therefore, if for the purpose of cutting eyelashes to make your baby’s eyelids become longer, your advice is not to cut because the risk is very high. Even the fact that the length of eyelashes after cutting is not verified by science or experts.

But if the baby’s eyelids are too long and make the baby uncomfortable. It is best to visit and consult with a pediatrician to make the best treatment decision.

Tips to cut baby eyelashes at home

If in an important case and you cannot go to the pediatrician to handle your baby’s eyelashes. You can use the eyelash clipper for babies when they are fast asleep.

Sleep is the time when your baby does not react or resist your actions. Especially the baby is still in one place. Therefore, take advantage of this time to cut your baby’s eyelashes. But always carefully, meticulously observe carefully so as not to cut the baby’s right and eyelids.

At the same time, you should only cut long lashes instead of cutting whole lashes in a straight line.

But again, the best and safest thing you can do is not cut your baby’s eyelashes at home. If there are any problems, go to the pediatrician or medical center for expert advice.

How to take care of baby’s eyelashes quickly

For mothers who want their children to have long and curled eyelashes. Instead of putting your child and danger in danger with the eyelash clipper for babies. Why do you ignore ways to help long eyelashes from deep inside your baby’s hair follicles? Long eyelashes quickly and effectively only when you strongly impact the hair follicles, making them nourished.

To improve your baby’s eyelashes, mothers can refer to some extremely safe ways below:

  • Regularly add foods rich in protein, lipids, vitamins and minerals in your baby’s daily diet. These nutrients are not only good for the body but also nourish the hair follicles, providing nutrients for the eyelashes. At the same time make eyelashes long and curl quickly.
  • Teach children the habit of not rubbing their eyes with their hands because there are many bacteria on their hands. The accumulation of bacteria will cause eyelash growth retardation and damage to the eyes.
  • Clean your baby’s eyes twice a day. Especially when the baby is sick, often sheds mucus or tears.

Advice for parents

It can be seen that, if you want your baby’s eyelashes to be long and strong, you have a lot of safe and good ways for your baby instead of using baby eyelash clippers . Cutting eyelashes for children is not recommended by many experts because the risks are very high. Therefore, stimulate eyelash growth with daily menus and habits for your baby! Particularly for babies whose eyelashes are too long and cause eye discomfort, go to the doctor immediately for the best advice and treatment. Above is an article shared by Carencure – Vietnam’s leading cosmetology school .