Dicyanin dye is a chemical substance that appears blue when exposed to light. This dye is not harmful to humans and is used for astronomical purposes. Read on to learn about dicyanin dye. Also known as blue dye, this chemical substance has been used for centuries in science and astronomy.

Dicyanin Dye

Dicyanin dye is a blue dye

Dicyanin dye is a blue dye that was created to make photographic plates more sensitive. It was manufactured by Meister, Lucius, and Bruning in Hochst, near Frankfurt, Germany. However, the blue dye’s association with auric research began following the experiments of Walter J. Kilner, who used the dye in his Kilner screens.

The dye is not a drug or poison and is not classified as a controlled substance. It can be synthesised by chemists with basic lab equipment. The dye was banned in the 1940s but briefly returned to the market in 2010. Dicyanin dye is used for laboratory research in astronomy and spectrochemistry and is not used for any other purposes.

It is not a drug

The controversial blue dye Dicyanin is not a drug. It is not physically harmful or poisonous but illegal in the United States and other countries. It is difficult to produce and has limited uses in common chemistry. Its manufacturers have not claimed that it has supernatural powers, and the substance is only used for scientific research in astronomy and spectrochemistry. People have used the dye for centuries, but it is not safe to ingest.

A chemist hired by the U.S. government to research the source of the dye discovered that dye companies used a secret code to buy drugs from pharmaceutical companies. This code was then used by chemists at dye companies to purchase Dicyanin.

It is not poisonous

Dicyanin is a synthetic blue dye made from coal tar. Initially, it was used to sensitize photographic plates. Meister, Lucius & Bruning in Hochst, Germany, first synthesized it. After Kilner’s experiments with auric field energy, dicyanin dye became associated with auric research. This dye has no poisonous effects and is not classified as a hazardous chemical by the United States Toxic Substances Control Act.

While Dicyanin dye is not a drug, it has some special properties that allow users to see the Astral World. The astral world is a world of possibility accessible to meditators and psychics. However, it is not poisonous, and skilled chemists can synthesize it using basic laboratory equipment. Before the 1940s, Dicyanin dye was widely available to private scientists, but the United States government banned it.

It is used for astronomy

Dicyanin dye is a chemical substance used for astronomy. Before it was banned, private researchers had access to the substance and could buy it freely. However, the United States government outlawed it in the 1940s. In 2010, it was briefly available again but was immediately banned again. To prevent the illegal use of the chemical, the Dicyanin dye company began assigning security codes to customers. One government chemist found that his security code allowed him to buy Heroine and LSD, but he did not have enough clearance to request Dicyanin Dye.

While dicyanin dye is commonly used in astronomy, it has some interesting uses. It can be used for observing the astral plane and human auras. Dicyanin dye can be obtained from chemical companies such as Skylead Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals.

It is used to color meat

Dicyanin dyes are used in a variety of foods, from red meat to lunch meat. These colors are added to meat to bring out the natural red pigment in poultry, lunch meat, and condiments. These natural dyes can be used in small amounts to add a natural red hue to meat products. Dicyanin is a natural pigment that comes from the blood of pigs.

Although illegal in the United States, If it is placed between two glass planes, it can enable humans to see the Astral Realm. The dye’s unique properties also allow people to see an emanating aura. Many believe that this dye proves that there is another plane of reality. In spite of its use in dyeing meat and other products, it is illegal to use Dicyanin dye on animals, primarily because it is considered illegal. Also, it is very harmful to humans if ingested.

It is used to verify the paranormal

It’s possible that the dicyanin dye used in paranormal research has been around for years. Blue dye was first used for coloring meat and fish. But more recently, it has been used to detect ghosts, demons, and other paranormal activity. The least expensive and most easily accessible method of paranormal verification. Nonetheless, it does come with a few disadvantages.

The United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) uses cyanin dye for lab purposes. However, the dye is not included on its list of prohibited chemicals. Furthermore, the dye manufacturers did not make any claims about its supernatural properties, so the dye is legal to use. However, it’s also illegal to use for other purposes and only for scientific purposes, including spectrochemical research and astronomy.

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