When one belongs to the Islamic religion, it is very important to make the salât (prayer) which is one of the pillars of Islam. Black prayer mat For this, it is necessary for the faithful to have all the tools and effective means to fulfill this religious obligation. Among these tools we have the prayer mat or sajada that all Muslims should have. You can buy it to be able to pray at home or have it on you in your bag or your vehicle to be able to pray anywhere, the hour of prayer strikes. There are several reasons why you may need a prayer rug. You can read this article to learn more

What are the models of prayer rugs?

There are several categories of prayer mat or sajada in the market to make your prayer very easy for you. You can find out here these latter. Among the categories of prayer rugs are those that relieve back pain. Indeed, it is very important to be concentrated during the prayer or when the imam gives the sermon. However, it becomes difficult when we feel pain.

To therefore solve this problem, these thick and soft mats are available. So you can have it in different colors and different models according to your preference. The second category is that of travel mats. These are lightweight, easy to carry and foldable mats. Some models have kits in which you put the carpet. There is also a compass that indicates the Quib’la (direction of Mecca) on the mat or inside the kit to allow you to pray regardless of your position.

What is the importance of the prayer rug for the woman?

A Muslim woman who is married must leave her house as little as possible. It is therefore more beneficial for her to pray on her mat. She can order a prayer rug that features a prayer robe.

How to find qibla direction for prayer

Locate your location in relation to Mecca. 

The direction of the qibla depends on where you are in relation to Mecca. Many people mistakenly assume that you should always face east to say your prayers. However, this is only true if your place of origin is west of Makkah. If you are in Europe, the qibla generally points southeast. On the other hand, if you are in Japan, it will be more towards the west or the northwest and if you are in South Africa, you must orient yourself towards the north or the northeast to say your prayers.

Orient yourself using the Sun 

For millennia, navigators have relied on the Sun for orientation. By observing where the Sun rises and where it sets, it is possible to determine the directions of east and west. From these two landmarks, it is possible to determine the other cardinal points of a compass and consequently establish the general direction of Mecca with respect to your location. google suggest primelis

Make a sundial. 

Before noon, drive a stick or other long, thin object into the ground. The stick must be at least 1m high and held upright on a flat surface.

Make a mark on the ground at the end of the shadow created by the stick.

Measure the length of the shadow starting from the stick. Then draw a circle around the stick using the length of the shadow as the radius.

As the day progresses, the shadow will initially shorten and move away from the outline of the drawn circle. Later in the day, the shadow will lengthen again to return to join the circle on the other side. Mark the new position of the end of the shadow on the ground and draw a straight line between the two marks.

Use a watch. 

Any analog watch with hour and minute hands can help you orient yourself.

If you are in the northern hemisphere. Hold the watch flat in the palm of your hand and position the dial so that the hour hand is pointing toward the Sun.

South is halfway between the hour hand and the 12 o’clock position on your watch. You can easily deduce the other cardinal points from this first marker.

If you are in the southern hemisphere. Hold the watch flat in the palm of your hand and turn it until the 12 o’clock position points towards the Sun.

North will be halfway between the noon hour and the hour hand.

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