Divan Bed With Mattress

High-quality fabrics, a refined pattern and far-reaching proportions – everything we wanted in our bed linen. The loose, unfolded feel of luxury is also easy to maintain with the Divan Beds and high-quality fabric. You can become wiser, sophisticated and more elegant just with one Divan bed. All you need is high-quality fabric from Furniture Store. Imagine waking up to serene mornings spent slowly breaking free from the ensconcing embraces of the day’s finest workwear.

A divan bed is minimalist yet elegant, a great option for those who prefer to live simply. This type of bed also has many benefits that go along with it- not only does this type of sleep promote better health and wellness, but it also offers built-in storage when you need it most, Divan beds free up the rest of your bedroom for other uses.

More people are taking advantage of them but first, navigate to the closest grocery store beds full of function and elegance are increasingly sought-after. You’re sure to find one that suits your needs on our website: it’s easy to filter by style, divan size and fabric colours. Whether in addition to your main bed or as a replacement, our divan choices will suit every style preference and budget need.

Quality Of Material For Divan Bed

Materials can have a huge effect on the quality of the build. You should be careful of what type and quality of material you use when starting your bed. The materials you use will have an impact on not only how it looks, but also its durability and functionality. It is vital that you consider what kind of chipboard will be used if you are considering a divan bed purchase. Furniture Store uses the best premium quality for fabric beds to provide customers best comfort ever at an affordable price as compared to the other market.

Ottoman Divan Bed

This particular divan bed is equipped with elegant storage drawers that make it possible to maintain a tidy and comfortable ambiance. Adding these drawers adds extra practicality and a modern flair. They are styled as decorative cabinets and are perfect for hiding away clutter such as Although they are often used to store items such as bed linens, pillows, food, etc., depending on the size of the bed and a person’s needs. If you are considering updating your bedroom and want to give it a modern look, this stylish set of draws could be a great addition to the divan bed and sofa that you already have. Featuring a contemporary style with well-fitted handles/dividers, they can be used for storing anything from clothes to novels .

Elegant Headboard For Divan Bed

Headboards are often thought of as necessary coverings when people think of loft beds. The divan bed typically comes with a headboard seen on it. But Furniture Store offers a classy collection for you where beautiful and elegant fabrics, gorgeous and chic colours meant for either the boudoir or living room give yourself an idea.

Chic Headboards are a good design choice for your bedroom. You need to be aware of the style and colour they will finish the look. Office spaces should be avoided. As they were designed with desks and servers on the floor, Triple metal bunk bed. Headboard designed by Furniture Store is a throwback to the glamour elegance of the past but with high-quality pima cotton sheets so you can feel like royalty.

Legs Of The Divan Bed

This fabric divan bed comes with two legs option one is chrome legs other is wheels legs Initially so, many people prefer wheels. After all, the thought of locking them up doesn’t sound good in the first place. They are good for moving beds around but locking them will just kill that purpose.

Additional Features Of The Divan Bed

Divans are classic bedroom furniture. Divans are like beds but with a compartment, which facilitates storage and display. they emerge as sleeping seats, but over time these came to be used as couches. It features a headboard resting on two sturdy wooden pillars, on either side with wire slots for shelves to set clocks, lamps or whatever modern needs call for. The back is padded for adjustable support – making this bed as attractive as it is practical. All our beds are covered with soft-feel faux leather upholstery, which comforts you as you drift off into dreamland. Some have reinforced timber slats that can take a whopping 750 kilos (!)

The divan bed is the most customizable, up-to-date and perhaps most forgotten of beds. They were originally designed, in the 18th century, for affluent families that did not want their servants to see them from across the hall! A divan bed is a good investment if you really do value the overall quality of your rest. Let’s look at some examples of what to consider when purchasing a bed for sleeping that showcases comfort and functionality: style, colour, body type compatibility and size. If you would like a contemporary-looking mattress then consider getting black lacquer finishing with aluminium frames for supreme comfort. This way you can fit it in any kind of room with any kind of interior aesthetic you would like.

Divan bed On Sale

There’s a sale at the Furniture Store. A divan bed can be found right in the middle of it. For years we’ve had an easy and fast way to buy the best quality products at affordable prices, saving you the time and cost of international shopping. This divan bed saves you up to 40%!. Normally these prices would make us think twice but when there is such a good offer we needn’t worry about what other people will spend the money on!


A– Headboard Height: 50.8 cm

B– Base Height:

With drawers: 58.4 cm

Without drawers: 53.3 cm

Single Bed Base

C– Length: (190 cm)

D– Width: (90 cm )

Single Mattress Size: (90 cm x 190 cm)

Small Double Bed Base

C– Length: (190 cm)

D– Width: (120 cm)

Small Double Mattress Size: (120 cm x 190 cm)

Double Bed Base

C– Length: (190 cm)

D– Width: (140 cm)

Double Mattress Size: (140 cm x 190 cm)

King Bed Base

C– Length: (200 cm)

D– Width: (150 cm)

King Mattress Size: (150 cm x 200 cm)

Super King Bed Base

C– Length: (200 cm)

D– Width: (180 cm)

Super King Mattress Size: (180 cm x 200 cm)

Conclusion to buy Divan Bed

Furniture should not only match your needs, but also make the interior design of your room look better. When you’re considering buying a new divan bed, more than just their functionality should be considered – the way they look defines their function as well. the bedroom looks incomplete without a reliable bed. Divan Bed gives comfort and rest. It offers shelter from daytime terrors and monsters creeping out from the closet at night. Picking the best bed is not easy for sure, as it is an investment for the next 10 years or so. In conclusion, a good quality divan bed are worth buying with decent payment schemes and free delivery.

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