It doesn’t need to be expensive to take care of these pesky critters around us. Before they can get to us and invade our homes, we should learn some tricks and hacks to protect our homes and family. We can also ask some experts to guide us with some DIY solutions. 

Best Home Remedies for Bed Bugs and Other Pest:

  1. Lavender oil and Hydrogen Peroxide Mix (keep bedbugs off your bed)
  2. Borax and Sugar (perfect ant killer)
  3. Garlic-Mint Insect Spray
  4. Coffee Grounds
  5. Dust Mite Oil Repellent (mix of lavender, clove, eucalyptus, peppermint, or rosemary)
  6. Hot Pepper Spray (gallon of water and hot chili pepper flakes of your choice).


Some solutions and oils are ready in the supermarket. You can just buy and mix them all up. You do not have to spend a lot just to save your property. There are also traps that you can make for your garden and backyard. Consider making one just to know how safe and effective it will be.

Most individuals are very capable of following a pest management guide. Even children can be educated already about things like this. It will help them minimize the problem as they get mature.

Guide for DIYers on how what, and safety against Bed Bugs and other Pests:

  1. Information on insects, bugs, pests, and others
  2. Identification before you strike
  3. Insect control instructions are a must to learn
  4. Professional pieces of equipment and safety gear,
  5. Information on the kind of chemicals that you are about to deal with.
  6. Safety is vital.

Using organic pesticides and insecticide is friendly and safe because we all know it is less harmful to humans. But, if we want to eradicate the problem, sometimes, it is best to go with the much stronger chemical outside the house. The garden and lawn can also be a shelter for pests if we will not take care of them.

Although your walls look sturdy and mighty inside, with the tiniest crack, a problem can start living in there. Permanently seal every little gap, break, or crevice so they won’t have an entryway to your house.

Key areas to inspect for pests are the following:

  • Wall penetrations
  • Doors sills and windows sills
  • Dryer vents and air vents
  • Crawl spaces (under the deck)
  • Foundation
  • Yard and garden
  • Pet food should have a sealed container
  • Garbage / Dumpster Bins


It is a hard job to tackle every day, thinking of all the menaces in our place. We need to stop these pests before they infest the entire property. Your neighbors will be happy to know your DIY secret if you can share it with them. You are also helping your community keep it safe from annoying living things.

Eliminating common pests first, like; ants, roaches, ticks, fleas, beetles, bed bugs, rats and mice, spiders, aphids, and even snails, will make it easier for you to maintain your home from pests. These pesky invaders are not easy to handle but expecting something worse will make it easier if we succeed in getting rid of these pests.

You can also have a routine check from professionals to ensure a pest-free habitat. Call the bed bug inspection in Berkeley, CA. They will be happy to serve you, and you can ask for some ideas for doing your maintenance against pests.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs Now!

Keeping your house tidy, hygienic, and organized is a plus in protecting it from all unwanted critters. Coming home from work peacefully, knowing that you do not have to worry about unwelcome guests, is a happy place to live in. Start your research and experimentation now with all the DIY help you can get and enjoy the pest-free journey of your life. You can contact the bed bug inspection professionals for assistance.