A trusty and you’ll be set for experience to experience the greatness of Jamaica as you ride straightforward ways in transit to lead your Dunn’s River Falls with Horse Ride for a resuscitating swim in the shine of the Caribbean Sea. Benevolently note our weight limit for this visit is 230lb.

Get the experience of Zipline Over the Fall

The opportunity has arrived to prepare to zipline! Travel through garden treetops through level explores and Indiana Jones-style ranges. Then, at that point, get a raised viewpoint of the immaculate fountains as you take off through the air and walk around suspended wild traverses arranged over the falls!  

WEIGHT Cutoff points:


ZIP-Covering 265 LBS

ZIP-Covering 265 LBS


THE Most outrageous Burden FOR NATURE Experience Activities IS 265LBS

Least AGES:


•  16 YRS: ATV (WITH Real DRIVER’S Grant)



Horseback Riding



Get for this experience is available from most huge lodgings in the Montego Straight area, as well as from specific Estates and Airbnb’s. You will acknowledge your help time through email or telephone after you’ve completed your booking.

Critical Notice

We don’t do free get past Montego. These lodgings are not in Montego River (Royalton Blue Waters/White Sand, Extraordinary Oster Bay, Ocean Coral Spring, Gand Bahia Principe, Fabulous Palladium, etc.

Additional Transportation charges from these picked lodgings

Royalton Blue Water

Royalton White Sand

Ocean Coral Spring

Ocean Eden Bay

Astounding Shellfishes River

1-4 people $160 complete

somewhere around 5 people $30 per person.

Drop Off

•  You will be returned to your novel characteristic of get after the visit.

Things To Bring

Wear open to dress – Swimwear

Bring a towel and bug repellent

Bring cash for capacity rental, goodies, and

Ought to show genuine driver’s license if choosing to drive ATV

Ought to Show Genuine Picture ID for checking

Mosquito repellent


Not wheelchair open

Not proper for pregnant women

All drivers ought to show a real driver’s license

Knickknacks and photos are prepared to move


Dwelling get and drop off included

Neighborhood escort

Experience gear



Versatile check in time, certification email will confirm the visit time.

Additional Information

Booking assertion will be pass on through email 24 hours going before your veritable occasion date. You could get an insistence email sooner dependent upon the volume of booking.

Booking and Reservation System Through Zella

All arrangements, or reservations should be paid 2 days early on for your visits to be insisted. Reservations made through Zella will not be held without portion. If your booking isn’t paid 2 days early, it will thusly be dropped. We propose that you make the essential portion to go on with your booking./

Critical Information

Compassionately note the time showed on the site is just for you to learn about what time these visits start. Dunn’s River Falls with Horse Ride.

Your confirmation email will show to address time for all pick-ups. Assuming no one minds, try to scrutinize your assertion email, you can check your spam or trash mail to find attestation if not showed in your new sends.

Revocation System

Any withdrawals made something like 96 (96) hours or more won’t attract a fixing cost.


Any withdrawal made inside 48 (48) hours or around the very time that the booking is made will attract 100 percent (100%) discipline.

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