Now I am going to describe the entire process that I go through to get sites where I can write SEO and digital marketing articles.

0. Select your candidates

I love creating excel templates and this is a perfect case to do it.

Thanks to working in a document of this type, you can specify which are the blogs in which you would be most interested in having a guest post.

We create the document and determine:

  • Blog URL:  The URL by which you access the author’s website.
  • Author’s email:  You can get it both on his website, or on one of his social networks. You can also ask them directly. It is preferable to have the data even though most websites have a contact tab.
  • Name of the author or the company that runs the blog.
  • Social networks of the author : With preference over Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. (Optional)

How to find blogs that allow guest posts?

To search for blogs that offer guest posting opportunities, we go to the Google search engine and type:

The keyword of your niche or category + contribute to the blog

The keyword of your niche or category + being part of the blog

The keyword of your niche or category + blogs guest post

The keyword of your niche or category + upload article

Finally, you get the idea. In this way you will surely find a large number of websites that allow you to do guest blogging.

You can also do it on Twitter. If you have read any of my other social media posts on this blog you will know that I love Twitter. It is the social network where I spend the most time.

The Twitter search engine is a great tool for many things, and this case is no exception.

Through the search engine we can also search for websites where they allow guest posts.

For that we must add: your category + guest post

You will also find websites that tell you specifically where you can do guest blogging within your field.

For example:

Now, let’s continue with the guide.

1. Organise your content and plan

I like to have some articles ready before starting the approach with the owner of a blog.

In my case, since I write about digital marketing, I can have articles ready about SEO, Email Marketing, Marketing Tools, strategies, case studies, social media, etc.

It is also very important to take care of the spelling of your content. Write your posts on a platform that has an auto-correct to make sure you don’t have misspellings.

2. Internalise with the audiences of the websites where the posts will be published [Acknowledgment Stage]

Probably one of the most important steps is to read a few blog articles where you want to appear.

Show appreciation for his content by following him on social media and commenting on his articles.

Let him know about your presence on the networks and what you do. Don’t be a complete stranger to the blog author.

Have enough interaction to be able to get close to him/her.

3. Time of action

You can opt for an email.

It is one of the most classic ways to do it.

In the email you must let him know why you are contacting him, how much you liked his blog and that you would love to be part of it.

You can also communicate through social networks.

After having interacted enough there, surely a private message there would be a good option.

Although the safest thing is by email, there you will know that at least they will receive your proposal.

When presenting your proposal or the posts that you have available, you must give them a reason to accept them, for example:

“I am passionate about… and I have written about it, I think it would be a great addition to your blog because… here is the article if you want to LINK it”.

4. Follow up

Not all will respond to you, and surely many will not be interested . At the beginning of this step by step we talked about selecting the candidates. The better you do it, the less time you will lose and the less they will “reject” you.

Remember that behind each blog there is one or more people, so you have to be natural.

Show a pure and sincere interest in the good content of the blog where you want to appear and you will have more possibilities.

Additional tips to fall in love with your articles

When it comes to your articles, there are always good tips worth mentioning.

1. Treat your articles as unique and relevant pieces

At first I thought it was better to use “poorer” content on other websites and reserve the good content for my own online site. Error.

Under no circumstances is it good to create low-quality content.

I personally try to make my articles extremely complete, both on my website and on any other.

In addition, making this type of content will open the doors to new leads and new fans even more.

2. Internal links

If you have become familiar with any of the blog owner’s articles, you can link the ones you think correspond to when writing your content.

In this way you will help your on-site SEO Services (within the site) and you will provide a quality article having thought of all possible details.

3. Be open and receptive

Not only with the author of the blog but also with his audience. Answer all the comments and all the doubts that arise from the written content.

You will be able to make a greater impression and it can help you get traffic to your blog.

As you will see, everything has its indirect benefit, any small detail, which is why we must make the guest posting experience unforgettable and profitable for all parties you can also get our SEO Services.

4. Share the article on social networks and thank the blogger

It will help to give more visibility to the content.

Even if the traffic doesn’t go directly to your site, it’s certainly a great way to be a good guest on the host’s blog.


When you have the time to dedicate to it, or the resources to derive that work, guest posting is an effective strategy to increase your traffic, your reputation and your validity within any business sector.

If you start a blog let me tell you that it would be good if you also start considering doing guest posts often.

It is a more than efficient strategy to grow your website 🚀