Typography: Your logo’s voice

Logo designing is the art of using the right colors, style, captivating illustrations, and well-balanced typography. All these aspects must be in sync and developed with great precision to have a fabulous and impactful branding logo. Creative logo design services stress the usage of every logo element with uniqueness and ingenuity as it is an integral aspect of your branding. Suppose your logo is not inventive enough to draw in the target market’s attention or not sufficiently reflective to portray your brand’s exact emotions and values. In that case, it is probably leading down to unfortunate outcomes for your branding.

Be Loud and Spot-On with Well-Suited Typography

Among the facets of logo designing, typography accurately depicts the values and nature of your brand. It helps communicate the emotions and vibes of your business to your audience. Therefore, it is mandatory to use a balanced font style to convey your brand idea perfectly to your prospects. Creative logo design services utilize fonts that channel the brand personality seamlessly and are harmonious with the overall design. But how do we know which font conveys what? What will be the perfect typeface per our brand nature?

However, this guide presents some significant facts about the major typeface and fonts and looks into the sentiment behind each font. But first, there are some measures that are required to be taken before incorporating font styles in your design. Let’s have a look at them.

Criteria of Font Usage

Font Occurrence in a Design

Creative logo design service advises keeping the limit of two or three font types per design to keep your design harmonious and balanced. It helps create a comprehensive and composed design image and adds clarity to the design as well.

Well-Suited Font Combination

Using font styles without conforming to the organization can lead to an inconsistent design. Creative logo design services emphasize using complementary font styles. Make the most appropriate and catchy eye font as the brand name, and use other light fonts to incorporate additions like taglines. Therefore, it is better to use only one type of statement font in the design or a combination of statement and sans-serif font.

Basic Classification of Typeface

There are some basic classes of typeface that provide a distinct and meaningful look to every font. Let’s see what these variations offer to every font style.

  • Serif

Typeface is a font style with extended features at the end of each stroke and adds a polished classic touch.

  • Slab Serif

It has stemmed from the serif typeface and includes loud, bolder, thick serifs. It is blocky in size and easily customizable. Creative logo design services use it to highlight the essential logo facets.

  • Script Font

This typeface could be used formally or casually. It is similar to traditional cursive handwriting with fluid and flowing strokes. The variation in each stroke weight gives the human writing touch.

  • Sans Serif

This typeface is the opposite of the serif font style, with the absence of feet at the end of each letterform. It gives off a more modern vibe compared to the serif typeface.

Uplift Your Logo Design with These Elegant Fonts

  • Bodoni

Have you observed the top fashion brands’ logos? Does something look similar to you? Yes! Their typography. Bodoni is a well-known font for high-end fashion brands with its stylish and classy appearance. It is the product of thick and thin characteristics, invented by Giambattista Bodoni. Use this font style for your runway brands.

  • Randrake

This contemporary font is produced by incorporating elegant script typeface and fits well with fashion and luxurious brands. It is legible and versatile in use.

  • Proxima Nova

This sans serif typeface font is modern and geometric in look and reflects edgy, open-minded, and advanced feelings. It was developed in 2005 by Mark Simonson. Creative logo design services utilize this font for IT companies and online businesses.

  • Choplin

Choplin is a geometric slab serif font invented by German designer René Bieder. It delivers clean, modern, and sturdy feelings. With its assertiveness, it works well for current magazines and journals.

  • Brolink

This font is a creative and inventive approach to the sans font, resulting in a modern sci-fi look. The uniqueness of the font is an excellent combination of uppercase and lowercase letters that provides exquisite touch to the style. Creative logo design services apply it ingeniously for modern, inventive brands.

  • FF Avance

This font, invented by Evert Bloemsma, is a creative font with variation in serifs direction. So the serifs of each letter work creatively to give motion and energy effects. It is a great choice for logos for sports, automotive, and motion-based businesses.

  • Fenway

Fenway is a unique and creative product of script typeface and reflects antique, classiness, elegance, and style. Therefore, it is perfect for historical brands and works great for nostalgia bringing brand personalities.

  • Didot

Didot is a Neoclassical serif typeface with high line contrast, hairline serifs, vertical pressure, and unbracketed strokes. This font is also popular in the fashion world with its prominent look. Creative logo design services make use of this font style for mature and classy brands.

  • Crux

It is a modern, bold and noticeable style with a minimal approach. With its two styles, normal and outline, it immediately grabs the attention. Creative logo design services take it as a great option for the brand with bold and straightforward thinking.

  • Garamond

This font style stands first in the most readable and legible serif typeface font with its fluidity, consistency, and sloppy elegance. It was created by the designer Claude Garamond in the 16th century. Additionally, it is assertive and luxurious feel renders it the finest choice for high-end fashion brands.

  • Helvetica

Helvetica belongs to the Sans serif typeface family and is used widely in modern technology brands. So, max Miedinger created this font in 1957 for businesses that want to portray powerful, edgy, and modern vibes.

  • Avante Garde

Avante Garde is a geometric sans serif font designed by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase in the 1970s. It represents futurism and incorporates well into the brand logos that are molding traditional trends.

  • Ostrich Sans

It is thin sans serif with a long neck and smooth rounds. And it is a gorgeous modern font with 302 defined characters and 98 unique glyphs. Also it is a great medium for loud yet polite branding and is mostly used by creative logo design services for such brands.

  • Quentin

Quentin is a simple yet creative font style with both uppercase and lowercase characters. It supports multi-languages and could be used for small businesses, startups, and modern agencies.

  • Revista

Revista is a classic example of a stencil font. Its unique and creative look delivers a sober and reasonable feel. finally, it has been used by fashion brands and is the perfect option for businesses that aim to break traditional boundaries.

  • Saudagar

Saudagar is an inventive and elegant font style with a pack of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and alternates. So, it depicts style, and high-end quality and creative logo design services uses it to create a chic and upscale look.

  • Natasya

Natasya is a bold, dainty, stylish, and multipurpose font that uses both brush lettering and script writing. So, due to its similarity to graffiti style, it works well for fresh and hip brands. It packs 400 glyphs and various alternates.

  • Gill Sans

Gill sans was a design by Eric Gill in 1928 and stemmed from traditional lettering. It has high readability and is modern in appearance. However, creative logo design services incorporate it into modern and conventional brand personalities.

  • Univers

The year of the invention is 1957, and the designer is Adrian Frutiger. Contrary to the rigid sans serif of that era, it has a slanted appearance. So, it is a superb option for mature and serious brands.

  • Akzidenz-Grotesk

Considered a precursor for Helvetica, it was designed in 1896 by the Berthold Type Foundry of Berlin. It reflects excellent legibility and a clean design with folded structure and narrow apertures. However, creative logo design services idealize it for brands with a strong stance and bold values.

  • Baltica

This signature look font with bracketed slabs and varied width letterforms is a unique mix of slab serif and sans serif font styles. Therefore, it is a nice option for brands that want to express trustworthiness and traditional values.

  • Grenale Slab

It is a creative and bold form of a serif typeface with springy rhythms and beautiful curls. So, get this typography to install by creative logo design services if your brand relates to the health sector, gardening, or to represent a cheerful and robust vibe.


In conclusion, the meaningful ideas behind several font types, it is clear that typography plays a significant role in highlighting brand persona. You can use them creatively to elicit the exact emotions you want from your target market. Additionally, creative logo design services use these fonts to define a brand and its values in an inventive and artistic style and help businesses gain optimal branding. Give your brand the wings of expressive and imaginative typography style and let it fly high.

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By Alberta