Are you searching for a blood test in Jalandhar? If you are on the fence about going for a blood test, we will help you out. From treating illness to diagnosing disease, a blood test allows peering through the pathological state of your health. 

After all, blood is the omnipresent tissue that interacts with organs and tissues. It is vital for immune cells, the transporter of nutrients and oxygen. In short, it protects and regulates the entire body

Blood is a great indicator of your health because it shows you a lot about what is going on inside. It tells about your organs, metabolism, diet, and hundreds of other things. We will talk about ten reasons to opt for a regular blood test. 


A blood test evaluates how well your organs work. 

Perhaps there is no better preventive tool than a blood test in Jalandhar. It tells how well your organs are. Would you like to know how well it works? A diagnosis for an organ-related issue starts with a blood test at Dr. Path Lab. 

For instance, a simple potassium count through a blood test assesses the health of your kidneys. If your potassium count crosses a level, you’d get diagnosed with a kidney disease followed by a treatment. Keep reading to learn more about the goods of taking a blood test. If you want accurate a blood test reports, look no further than Dr. Path Lab in Jalandhar.


A blood test tells you the cause behind shortness of breath and fatigue.

If you get exhausted for no reason, dr path lab Jalandhar tells you that something is wrong. Fatigue is common among people with a low iron count or people with a risk of heart disease. An FBC test can count the number of cells in the a blood. For instance, your clinician will count the count of hemoglobin and a red blood cells to diagnose anemia. 


A blood test helps explain unexpected weight gain or loss. 

An unexplained weight loss or gain could be one of the symptoms of a thyroid disorder. While weight loss takes place due to hyperthyroidism, weight gain occurs due to low thyroid levels. 

An examination by your doctor could measure the number of hormones in your body. The composition of this hormone includes thyroid-stimulating hormones (TSH) and T4. The blood test in Jalandhar helps measure the count of antibodies to diagnose autoimmune thyroid malfunction. 


It talks about the nutrients that you need more. 

Whether you suffer from concurrent headaches, or food allergies, or are confused about fat-free food, a nutritional evaluation of blood provides crucial insight into your nutritional deficiency. 

A nutritional test helps evaluate the level of micro and macronutrient like protein, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 


A blood test keeps track of your health progress.

Once you get diagnosed with the disease, a timely test helps you keep track of your progress. If a physical test fails to some extent, a blood test at Dr. Path Lab in Jalandhar does wonders for your health. 

To get quotes on the blood test, you can come to Dr path lab Jalandhar today.