Removing and storing string lighting fixtures may be a messy business. Now that it’s time to take off all the twinkling holiday decorations, try the sort of 3 string light organizing solutions with a purpose to defend your sanity and make sure next season shines simply as brightly.

The most super time of the year has come to a near, which means it’s time to take down the tree and p.C. The stockings. While a few decorations are smooth to position away, others can be a downright ache to eliminate and arrange. The number one offender in tricky holiday cleanup? Christmas lighting. It doesn’t depend how cautious you are, it looks like they always emerge as in a comfortable mess—which may be frustrating now not handiest for quit-of-season work, but for subsequent yr’s festivities, too. Make this pesky system easier with this kind of three solutions for preserving your string lighting fixtures from tangles and below control.

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Cardboard Cutouts

For this smart answer you want nothing more than a square piece of sturdy cardboard from one of the Christmas applications you located below the tree. Start with the aid of reducing the card into an anvil shape—this will assist maintain the loop from slipping—then wrap the cords across the thin, middle phase. When you are completed, loosen the plug beneath one of the strands to keep the mild in region. The best part of this easy (and unfastened!) trick is that subsequent 12 months’s installation could be a lot less complicated: You can fast verify no bulbs are broken after which unwrap the lighting without delay from the card onto the tree.

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Twist And Tie

Unmanageable lighting stand no hazard towards this innovative storage idea. The not likely helper for your residing or eating room? An Extra Seat! Start by way of turning a stool or chair the other way up. Then, wrap the lighting in a determine-of-8 pattern across the two legs until you have about 12 inches of twine closing. Loop the closing cord across the center of the discern eight, and tie a loose knot to hold the lighting fixtures from unraveling. Store the bundles in your closet or in a bin of vacation decorations until it is time to deck the halls next 12 months.

Hangar Help

For this nifty trick, appearance no similarly than your number one closet: a garments hanger. (One with a touch more bulk is best, even though skimpy plastic can do in a pinch.) Loop the lighting fixtures around the hanger, running from one quit to the opposite, until you are down to the previous couple of inches of the strand. Would have reached Tie the closing wire loosely across the hanger’s hook.


For more tidy storage, color-coordinate your set of bulbs with hangers of the same color—white lights with white hangers, pink or multicolored lighting fixtures on crimson hangers, and so on—then use the hooks of your repurposed organizer. Hang it in the closet. If closet area is tight, don’t forget attaching an S-hook to the center of the hanger’s base and postponing every other gently wrapped package from it. Tuck the hangers along with your preferred Christmas sweaters to maintain the lighting organized and clean to get admission to until next year.

How to shop Christmas lighting the proper manner (and store your sanity)?

Holiday decorations fill us with the wonder and pleasure of early life — however there’s nothing especially festive about wrestling with tangled clumps of lighting fixtures at the same time as combating again tears on the begin of the season. In reality, a whole new hell awaits those who carelessly percent their Christmas lighting fixtures, that’s why we are supplying you with a guide on how to keep Christmas lights the proper way. Read on for 5 simple approaches to be able to save you an entire lot of hassle whilst you’re ready to re-decorate subsequent yr.

1. Original Packaging

If you haven’t already discarded the box the Christmas lighting fixtures got here in, you could use them to store them for subsequent season. This answer is not as apparent because it sounds, even though—so don’t begin packing them up just yet. In reality, do not positioned them returned in the box at all. Instead, use the outdoor of the container (plus a bit packing tape) to shop the lights as defined under.


  1. Tape one give up of the light strand to the aspect of the container.
  2. Begin wrapping the strand of lighting fixtures tightly and smartly around the long facet of the box (or either facet, if the container is a rectangular).

Three. When you are finished, relaxed the other stop of the mild strand with every other piece of packing tape.

  1. Your final wrapping task of the holiday season: Bundle said field up in bubble wrap or tissue paper so the lighting fixtures can experience a safe and at ease live in your preferred garage vicinity.

2. Cardboard

It’s no big deal in case you throw out the unique field, as nearly the identical garage approach will paintings with any vintage piece of cardboard. All you need to do is raid the recycling and observe these steps.


  1. To begin, use a boxcutter to reduce a square piece of cardboard this is handiest barely larger than the size of the sheet of paper.
  2. Next, make a slit in one of the ends of the cardboard.

     3  . Insert the light strand into the slit and begin wrapping the strand across the lengthy side of the rectangle.

  1. Lighteling while stored, make a 2d slit for the opposite cease of the mild strand. (Just be careful no longer to nick the lights.) Alternatively, you can keep things tidy via really plugging the strand into itself.

Three. Clothes Hangers

If you have got a few greater putting area to your closet, then you definately’ve were given a excellent manner to save you Christmas lighting fixtures from getting tangled—or worse, overwhelmed—in the low season. Best of all, the most effective element you need for this approach is a clothes hanger. Here’s what to do.


  1. Start with the aid of tucking one cease of the mild strand into one of the strap holders of the hanger in order that it is pleasant and comfy.
  2. Begin vertically wrapping the mild strand round the lowest and pinnacle of the hanger.

      3. When you reach the opposite quit of the strand, you understand what to do. (Hint: There’s another strap holder for that.)

      4. Hook your festive hanger at the striking bar and call it an afternoon.