Country Colombia declared independence from the ruling party of colonial Spain in the year 1810. At that time, Bogota was the capital city of this country. 

Apart from the separation from Colombia, Spanish influenced Colombian cuisine, and those Colombian cuisines were accepted by a large number of citizens. 

Over the years, Colombian cuisines have amalgamated with African, native Colombian, and also with Arabic cuisines. The capital city of Colombia captures all the flavors from several regional cuisines and creates wonderful dishes and drinks. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most popular food in Bogota. 

The Most Popular Food In Bogota

Below we have discussed the list of most popular foods in Bogota. 

1) Ajiaco

Ajiaco is one of the signature dishes of the capital city of Bogota. If you are enjoying the top part of the city, which is at 8,646 ft altitude, then Ajiaco is the perfect cuisine to enjoy the chilly weather. This cuisine is the perfect dish to warm up inside. 

The steamy soup is made with potatoes, chicken, avocado, and corn. You can enjoy this dish as soup, or you can eat it with rice. If you want to add some extra flavors, then add capers and cream.

Now we are going to suggest some of the restaurants in Colombia enjoy this cuisine:

If you want to experience ajiaco, then you can visit La Puerta Falsa, which is a 200-year-old restaurant. It is also one of the oldest restaurants in the capital city of Bogota. 

Apart from that if you want to get a seat easily then reach there as early as possible. Another option is La Escuela Restaurant which is also located in the wondrous district of La Candelaria. 

2) Changua

Changua is not a favorite soup for many as ajiaco, but this breakfast dish is beloved by tourists, locals, and so on. The comforting effects are very favorable for people. This dish is made up of hot milk, egg poached, and toppings with some spring onions. 

Changua is served with pan calado, which is stale bread. In this case, you have to dip the bread into the soup to soften them. Despite that, some flavors of dusting coriander, and it is perfect for lacto-ovo vegetarians. 

If you want to try this dish, then Mama Lupe is one of the best restaurants for that. It is located beside Bolivar Square. In this case, before starting the day and visiting the local flea market, you can visit Panaderia Golconda restaurant to enjoy this delicious soup. 

3) Tamales

Tamales are another favorable dish across all the American regions and even former colonies. But tamales have several tastes that vary in each area. The tamales consist of rice, chicken, and corn-flour. These ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves or plantain. It is also much larger than its Mexican counterparts. 

Tamales vary from town-to-town in Bogota. In this case, if you want to enjoy tamales with a cup of hot chocolates and cheese, then visit Pasteleria Florida. But be aware while ordering this food because the portions are large and massive. Therefore it will be difficult for one person to finish. Apart from that, if you want to enjoy veg tamales, then you can go to La Esquina Vegetariana. 

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4) Arepa

The tortilla-like arepa in the air is another favorable dish for people in Bogota. The cuisine arepa is made with a combination of corn flour, wheat, butter, cheese, and sugar. 

Apart from that, this dish can be served with toppings as per your choice. This cuisine has been found in Venezuela and Colombia, suggesting that arepa is a thousands-year-old cuisine. 

You can try this dish at Misia by Leo Espinosa. It is a casual and friendly eatery dish served with homely pressed fresh juices. Another restaurant is El Envigadeno which also offers you pleasant aesthetic flavors, and also it is not a vegan restaurant. 

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5) Caldo

Another refreshing cuisine is Caldo. This breakfast dish or soup is served with two primary permutations, Caldo de Carne and Caldo de Costilla. The soup is executed with cilantro, potatoes, garlic, onion, and beef. People who usually visit or hang out mainly eat from restaurants nearby Bogota’s nightclubs and other popular pubs. 

If you want to enjoy the real flavor of this soup, then visit Plaza de Mercado de Paloquemao, which is an old farmer’s market where you will find this cuisine in stalls. Apart from that, Caldo Parao Gigio is another best option to enjoy juicy beef. 

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We have mentioned the delicious dishes of Bogota above in this article. These dishes mainly help you to keep your body warm and comfortable. For outside visitors, the chilly weather of Bogota may not be comfortable. Therefore having those soups and other stews is the perfect way to enjoy your trip. Apart from that, if you are a vegetarian, then it will be hard to find vegetarian restaurants. 

Thank you for reading till the end.