Flowers are something that we definitely spot at various events and occasions. We might not take them seriously but imagine a fun-filled celebration without flowers, without some good decorations. Wouldn’t it feel a little blank? To fill up this blank canvas flowers always come in handy not just for decor or installations but also as table centerpieces and even as gifts themselves. With local florists like Alexandria florists, you can always curate a special flower arrangement for any event. Flowers make a space feel cozy, fuzzy, classic, and also sweet-smelling. Unlike other decor items, flowers are sustainable and can be preserved or used even after they dry up. Since flowers hold the such deep value you will find them often around you. And why not? Since flowers make you feel special, it always is a treat to get a bouquet for yourself.

With so many events happening across the year here are some flower arrangement ideas from foxglove flowers that will light up anyone’s face –

Wedding flowers-

The topmost event that needs tons of flowers from start to finish is weddings. From dramatic to minimalist everyone enjoys flowers at their weddings. And really it’s hard to imagine a wedding without these beautiful flowers. For other events, a flower agreement or two might suffice but when it comes to weddings you definitely need more thought and planning. There are various ways in which flowers are used at weddings, it could be the bridal bouquet, aisle runners, altar decor, and table centerpieces. Now when you are preparing to decide on your wedding bouquet you can go with a theme or style like vintage, modern, pastel, bohemian, and so on. A common pick for weddings is usually light pink or white roses set in a dome shape. 

Anniversary flowers-

Since we are celebrating love let’s also talk about romantic anniversaries which you can get from the best florist in Alexandria VA. A particular day every year marks your bond making it stronger and reminding you of your life spent together. For romantic anniversaries you can go either way – Premium collection or casual collection; For a premium lovable bouquet, you can choose from tropical, summer, romantic, and rare flowers. For a rare flower bouquet, you can go with orchids of all kinds from Mokara to Cymbidium. Orchids are considered to be royal flower that symbolizes joy and wealth. Apart from romantic occasions, you can also have corporate anniversaries which need to be a little neutral.

Birthday Flowers-

For a lovely evening birthday party, you can always go for a happy flower mix with some vibrant flowers. Birthdays are a celebration of yourself and the people around you. A day to let go of worries and go with the flow. For birthdays you can go all over and spoil the birthday girl or boy with flower decor and a flower-themed birthday party. For centerpieces, you can go with a color theme, like orange, yellow, pink or even purple. For an orange-themed bouquet, you can go with orange roses, lilies, white roses or ranunculus, white alstroemeria, and filler greens like solidago. 


Another moment of celebration which is incomplete without flowers is while wishing someone ‘congratulations’. Well if it is a new job, much-desired things in life, or anything that people around you have achieved. It is always a good idea to congratulate them and appreciate their efforts. With flower shops in Arlington, VA you can get the best flower for all occasions including this one. You can go with a neutral bouquet with stargazer lilies in purple, pink, and purple roses, some closed lily buds, and open-up yellow lilies. A rather simple arrangement is to go with hydrangeas, green hydrangeas, and orchids. 

Flower shops in Arlington, VA will surely have all these flowers and more in store for you.