C9300L-48PF-4G-E series switches are designed to provide you advance stackable bandwidth so your enterprise connections work smoothly. Moreover, they provide you with security IoT and cloud. Therefore, your network never faces any threat.

C9300L-48PF-4G series switches are Multigigabit switch series, which provide you, with wired and wireless connection together so you can scale up and protect your network connections. In addition to this, these switches support 1K VLANs and deliver comprehensive layer 2 switching for the access layer.

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Specifications of C9300L-48PF-4G-E:

Downlinks compatible:

The series switches provide you with 8, 16, 24, or 48 GB Ethernet and 24, 48 Fast Ethernet data or PoE+ ports with great line-rate performance. In addition to this, they provide SKU offering inline PoE power to enhance the default power of your network connections.

Automated Device ability:

In these series switches, the ability to automate device supply is a process in which it upgrades the software image and helps in installing files on Cisco series switches. For a better visual experience.

These switches provide both guard solution tools like plug and play and off-shelf such as Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) and Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) that allow automated development.

Best Software upgrades and patching system:

These data sheet switches provide you with a smooth software update. Moreover, these switches support IOX XE patching. Because this patching system fixes your entire network’s critical bugs and threats and provides you with secure network connections.

Advance Multigigabit Ports:

The series datasheet switches provide you highest Multigigabit ports to connect and provide the ability to connect with standalone and Stackwise-1T. Moreover, they allow 48 mGig ports in standalone and 448 mGig ports with an 8-member stack so you can connect all your devices at a single port.

AES-256 MACsec security:

These series switches provide your connection to IEEE 802.1AE standard for authenticating moreover; they provide you with fully secure packets between switches.

In addition to this, these switches support Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit and 128-bit. Therefore, they can provide you most secure link encryption.

Features of C9300L-48PF-4G:

Flexible net flow (NFN) connectivity:

These switches can provide you Full visibility for wired and wireless to achieve traffic.  Because of this access point Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points CAPWAP, tunnel termination in the switch.

This feature supports the users and user traffic flows to identify potential attackers and takes stronger action at the access layer before the attack further into the network. Therefore, you can secure your network connection.

Mixed Stacking Bandwidth:

These series switches have up to 1 TB of stacking bandwidth. Moreover, they are the industry’s highest-density stacking bandwidth solution that comes with the most flexible uplink structure. In addition to this, they provide a Multigigabit switch to bring stackable high-speed fiber to the access.

Highest Density support:

These series switches allow you up to 36 ports of 90W UPOE+ for standalone and 288 ports of 90W UPOE+ with an 8-member stack that helps an enterprise connection on a single port for excellent user experience.

 X86 complex CPU:

These series switches provide you x86 complex central processing unit with 8-GB memory along with 16 GB of flash and an external USB 3.0 SSD pluggable storage slot that can deliver up to 240GB of storage with an additional option SSD drive to host containers.


the features prove that these switches are suitable for your large and midsize enterprise to connect a single port. So hurry up and buy these switches from Switch Tech Supply.