Going to a salon for a fresh haircut, manicured nails, and a facial? Take an appointment. It will save much of your time plus you won’t have to wait for long in a whole bunch of crowds for your turn. Calling the salon and taking a manual appointment takes you to wait on calls until the Salon Staff checks their schedules, gives you a timeslot. And if it’s unavailable, well, a lot of your precious time has already been wasted. Is there a better way to book an appointment at the Salon? I’ll say download the GLAMSQUAD Clone App! 

An online system where you can book a Salon Appointment in a minute is better than wasting time waiting! So, how can you make that happen? Smart Entrepreneurs, it is time to build an Online Salon Appointment App that is loaded with features to offer a seamless experience!  



Building a Salon Appointment Booking App has a lot of advantages, especially, to the App Users. Well, the math behind this is, the more you offer to the Users, the more of them will join your platform, and the more profits will be generated! 

  1. This Online System will eliminate the need of making follow-ups on the appointment via email or phone calls. 
  2. The App helps reduce missed appointments. 
  3. Facilitates Online Payment. So, transact hands-free and contactless. 
  4. The App Users can book the appointments even during the Salon’s Closed Hours. 
  5. Users can set appointment reminders! 


In-App Payment Options

A Contactless Payment Method is often the most preferred among all. People use the zero-contact method to ensure safety against contracting the Virus. Moreover, Online Payments reduce the hassles of carrying Hard Cash everywhere!  

In-App Payment Methods in a Salon Appointment Booking App majorly includes Debit Card, Credit Card, and In-App Wallets. 

Invoice Summary

The App must include an Invoice Summary feature that automatically calculates the Service Charges. As soon as the Expert completes the Task and taps on the ‘COLLECT PAYMENT’ button on the Payment Summary Page, the money gets deducted from the User’s Account. 

Otherwise, if it’s a Cash Payment, then the User will have to hand over the Cash to the Salon Expert. 

Apply Promo Codes

If the Salon you’re making an appointment with is running an offer, then, the User can apply it to the Service while booking itself. The User gets to select only One Coupon at a time. Say, GLAMSQUAD Clone App has an offer on first-time App Users. Then, the Users booking an appointment for the first time using the App can avail coupons like ‘FLAT25’, ‘BEAUTY20%PASS’, etc.  

Notifications and Newsfeed Section 

The App must have a separate Notifications and Newsfeed Section. This feature will help the App Users to keep track of all the Latest News and offers ongoing Appointment Booking. 

salon appointment booking app


Salon Services are heavily opting for such Online Systems!  Salon Appointment Booking App acts as the Growth Catalyst, especially, for local businesses

We live in a Digitized Era, which makes it impossible for local and physical businesses to survive. Therefore, no matter what industry, there is an App to serve all the niches. Now, Smart Beauty Industry Entrepreneurs, it is high time you invest in a Solution like On-Demand Online Salon Appointment Booking and become a Millionaire!

By Alberta