Customers want an app that solves multiple problems in one installation! It means that a majority of smartphone and smart device users want to use an app that offers multiple services. In addition, they need features that make service booking and receiving a lot easier. Is there a platform that can fulfill this requirement? Well, the Gojek Clone app is here! 

The app offers multiple services including online taxi booking, video consultation, service bidding, on-demand services, parcel delivery, on-demand delivery, medical services, and more. The list is never-ending! However, what’s interesting is the app’s feature set. 

Let’s look at the advanced features of the Gojek-like app! 

6 Amazing Gojek Clone App Features 

The Gojek-like app is a digital platform that offers users an option to choose from 82+ services. It’s a unique app that has not only made the lives of a common man easy but a lot more functional because of the pre-integrated features. 

Listed and explained below are the top 6 app features of 2022 that have left every user startled and amazed! 

1. Video call option 

The Gojek Clone app enables users and providers to video call with each other to communicate better. The service is available for Taxi/Delivery/DeliverAll components. 

Video call option gojek clone

Video Call option 

Video calling option is available besides in-app voice calling and Message App. The image above shows what the call type selection screen looks like on the app. 

2. Login with Face ID and Fingerprint 

Face ID is for iPhone users, whereas, Fingerprint Scanning is for Android users. Both the biometric authentication models make it easy for the users to log in to the app without remembering their passwords and usernames. 

Login with Face IDLogin with Fingerprint

Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning 

In addition to an easy login method, this feature also provides an added security shield! In brief, no one can log in without the user’s Face ID or Fingerprint. 

3. OTP verification to start the task 

OTP verification is a necessary app feature that enables providers and users to confirm the delivery of the right service. For instance, if home cleaners are booked, they will first ask for the four digit number sent to the user’s mobile number and email. 

OTP verification

Enter the OTP 

It is only after the providers enter the OTP on the Gojek Clone app, they can start the task! 

4. Voice note instructions 

Voice note instructions are one of the best app features available on the platform because it helps the customers to record and upload delivery instructions. Now, what’s the benefit of these features? The delivery driver can better understand the instructions if it is recorded in a voice format! 

Now, with the help of the instructions, the delivery driver can quickly deliver the items to the customer’s doorstep. In brief, the customers can record voice instructions related to the drop-off location, parking rules, closed routes, etc. 

5. Easy order tracking 

The customers can easily track the delivery and get updates on the app screen. Here’s an example of the order tracking screen: 

Order tracking screen

Order tracking screen

The timeline shows every stage of the order right from the placement to pick up and delivery. Customers can look at this timeline and track the order. In addition, they can also track the live location of the delivery agent on the map and see the estimated time of arrival! 

6. Upload prescriptions 

Customers who want to order prescribed medicines from the application must upload the prescription first. Once the user selects the nearby pharmacy, the user can add to cart the medicines. However, to add to the cart medicine that isn’t available without a prescription on the Gojek Clone app, they need to upload the prescription. 

Upload Prescription

Upload Prescription 


Once uploaded, users can move ahead and confirm the service booking by choosing a suitable payment method.    

In conclusion: 

Now that you are aware of the services and features available on this app, it is time you get to know more about the workflow. To test the workflow of the Gojek Clone app, get access to the free demo app. 

Take the free trial for as long as you want to until you feel it’s the best! Get in touch with the sales representatives of the white-labeling firm to know more about the on-demand app solution.

By Alberta