With the super amazing experience to be taken, the best time to visit the Golden Triangle of India is during the winter months that kick off in October and wind up in mid-April. The average temperature in winter ranges between 22°C to 32°C. Though Freezing January can hit Delhi due to the influence of the Himalayan, while blazing heat in summer can scorch May and June at 45°C. In monsoons, even short bursts can lead to heavy floods between July to September. The best festive time in India starts in October and the whole of India is adorned with dazzling lights. When the winter season comes to end in March. The whole nation adorned itself with the exuberant colours of Holi.     

During winters you can get the best chance of exploring the whole of India in your Golden Triangle Tour which includes the most visited destinations of the country- Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. In a tropical country like India, a perfect time to venture out into the state matters a lot. If you choose to visit the Golden Triangle at the best time. You are definitely in for an amazing memorable stay. Though the joint venture in India tour is itself a dynamic trip to travel on, if we add the best time to visit the Golden Triangle Tour, then it will come out as the best ever experience you would have ever enjoyed. 

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To learn more about the best time to visit India Golden Triangle Tour, Scroll & Read on!

Summer Season (April – June)

May is the hottest month in India with average temperatures lying around 45°C. The extreme summer months experience in these cities the dry and scorching heat which may lead to heat stroke. Summer months are not at all advisable for foreign visitors who are not used to this heat. In most places, generally, people close down their shops in the afternoon because of the blazing heat that hit the natives with its fierce effect. Though, after sundown, the cities again come in their colour with all the activities as usual. If you still choose to visit Golden Triangle Tour during this time, then better carry some hydrating agents to have during the trip. 

Though Summers are hot and dry, this time is full of festivals including Delhi International Mango Festival in Talkatora Stadium. While enjoying the festival you will witness 500 types of mangoes that will amaze you with their varied taste. Gangaur Festival in Rajasthan is one of the famous events celebrated with great excitement in Jaipur for continuous four days. On this festival, women worship Shiv-Parvati, God and Goddess in Hinduism by creating their idols from clay and going to the lake for performing rituals. This festival is a true significator of love, fidelity, and fertility. The festival is linked with four colours – green, orange, pink, and red that make up the four days of the festival. During summer, umpteen festivals are held in the Jaipur city of Rajasthan. 

Hence,  May and June are months to be avoided for visiting the Golden Triangle Tour, and April may still be a good time to visit.

Monsoon Season (June- September)

This season is the most romantic time to spend in India but with a short burst, it can get severe floods. Monsoon sets in Delhi and Agra by June and ends in August – September. Though temperature gets a drop during Rains showers can come in sudden bursts usually remain for days. The Taj Mahal is not at its best when sighted during rain. And this is the only reason to avoid monsoon-time visits to the Golden Triangle Tour

Though one of the major Indian festivals falls in the monsoon, Raksha Bandhan followed by Teej. Since rains bring relief from the scorching heat and rejuvenate the flora again. This season of monsoon is given great importance in Indian culture. India is a country where more than 65% of the population is reliable on Agriculture and the fruitful crop harvest depends on the good monsoon. This is also a reason for the monsoon to be an important season in India. Jaipur celebrates Teej in its true Rajasthani style. Where married women pray, fast and dress up nicely in Red (the colour of a married woman) to please the gods. In order to ask for their husband’s long life and their love for the next seven births. Then comes the Janmashtami, the birthday of the Hindu mythological legend Lord Krishna. The festival is celebrated all over India. Such events and festivals make roads create a parade-like atmosphere that enlightens the whole of India. 

Winter Season (October- March)

Winter Season is the best time to visit the Golden Triangle of India. Winters are set in India during the months of October to March with the average temperature ranging between 15 – 22°C. Although, December and January are frosty months, are the best time to travel around the Golden Triangle of India. The freezing effects of the year’s start can be seen in the entire North Indian part of the country including Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. As these cities are a part of the Golden Triangle of North India that’s why remain a cold part of India. You will be enjoying the chilly breezes of the Thar Desert in the winter. When the freezing temperature hits the western part of India.   

The best time to visit the Taj Mahal is during the winter. When the warm sun heads over the grand complex in the cold air and shines like a dazzling star in India. Winter season is the best time to capture the beauty of the Taj. Grab the best experience of eating in the streets. Then, Delhi Chandi Chowk is the best place to eat the various types of spicy sumptuous food and digest it in the cool and fresh air. During this period, some major festivals are celebrated such as Diwali in October and Holi in March. Which is sufficient enough to give you various tastes of Indian culture. Diwali is the festival of light and is celebrated in the remembrance of Hindu Mythology legend Lord Ram. Who won over by killing a hellhound king Ravana and bringing his kidnap wife home. Hence it became the most important festival in India. 


So, now that you have acknowledged that Winter is the best time to visit the Golden Triangle of India. You can easily plan your Golden Triangle Tour with the Best Tour Operator from India. We recommend LIH.travel which is known for hosting the best Golden Triangle Tour Packages from India. You can be a part of the India tour this winter, just call your friends or family. To get ready for a mind-boggling experience in India. 

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