Are you a blogger struggling to increase traffic to your website ? Are you toying with the idea of ​​guest blogging? Are you confused about what exactly guest blogging entails? Well, you are not alone.

All marketers are well aware of how important blogging is generally for SEO . But good marketers know how guest blogging can be a great source of industry credibility, relationship building, and audience growth.

What is guest posting?

Also known as guest posting, guest posting is a method by which one person creates posts for another person’s blog to increase their exposure and build their network, authority, and backlinks.

In a technical sense, SEO guest blogging creates an opportunity to get a link from another website in your industry and an opportunity to connect your product/offers in their network.

How do you find guest posting opportunities?

It’s not easy finding guest posting opportunities, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

If you want to find the best websites to publish your guest post , it is recommended to contact the agencies that offer guest posting services .

However, if you find the time or have a dedicated team to do manual outreach, here are some helpful ways to find high-quality websites that host guest posts.


Of course, you have to start with the beginning of the Internet. Many websites accept guest blogs based on their content framework. You can zero in on them through a simple Google search or even use their advanced search tools for specific information.

your circles

It is a tale as old as time. Since most businesses today have websites and blogs, leveraging your network can help you land plenty of high-quality guest posting opportunities.

Social media

Shout about your skills from the rooftops! Using social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Reddit to highlight your skills as a guest blogger is a great way to attract the audience you’re looking for.

Following other guest bloggers

Using social media to find and connect with prolific guest bloggers can help you find high-quality opportunities for your guest posting services with the benefit of expanding your network.

How to Launch a Guest Blog Post

Guest Blog Pitch Posting can seem really daunting at first! But with some practice (and some of our tips!), you’ll soon be an expert.

Start by choosing your destination blog wisely. Don’t just pitch on every blog with opportunities.

Instead, choose blogs that you actually read and care about. Your content will likely be much better and your presence will also be more noticeable.

Make sure the blog matches your industry, your style, and your future growth. Research the topic of your post and come up with a couple more alternative topics. Write a short, comprehensive summary for each topic and submit it to your target blog.


And there you have it, SEO enthusiasts! Follow our handy guide and watch the demand for your guest blogging services grow more and more with each new post.

Insertion of a CTA

Commitment is one of the most important objectives for those who produce Content Marketing. And it can be promoted through the  calls to action  at the end of the text, which should vary depending on the subject of the content, type of person and purchase scenario one finds.

A good CTA example could tell visitors to “Click” a link from another blog post and increase the chances of conversion or even offer an ebook that is related to the topic of the post.

As you have seen, associations can be created through Guest Posts and new visitors can be won over. In addition to improving the positioning of your page in Google search.

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