Growing up, becoming a lawyer wasn’t the most popular professional choice. You can easily pursue the ba LLB course. In reality, a well-known proverb suggests becoming an advocate if you have no idea what path to follow. But since then, a lot has changed.

Many students are interested in becoming skilled lawyers in India because of the reforms, pressure from the Honourable Supreme Court of India, and the high caliber of universities and educational institutions. Continue reading if you graduated from college, have completed 12th grade, and wish to take admission in ba LLB course.

Why should you become a lawyer?

Make sure you understand why you want to become a lawyer before we respond to your inquiry regarding how to practice law in India after completing grade 12th. A lawyer is both a resource for the nation and a champion of justice. And whether you choose to practice law in court, in a corporation, or in the Judiciary, you are still upholding the law.

The qualities of a competent lawyer are humility, wit and humor, clarity of thought and communication, analytical thinking, and awareness of one’s environment. You may attain financial independence and career satisfaction as soon as six months after graduating from a reputable legal school by applying yourself diligently and with a commitment to your profession. Within two years in a corporate environment, you may also become a corporate superstar and advance to a mid-level management position.

How can I get a legal degree in India after 12th grade?

Any student can choose to become a lawyer by enrolling in one of India’s best law schools, regardless of their field of study—whether it be humanities, business, or science. The offered program is referred to as a 5-year integrated LLB program. Passing the Common Law Admission Test will grant you admission (CLAT). It’s a two-hour test that evaluates your:

  • English language analysis
  • Common knowledge
  • Simple math
  • General awareness and knowledge

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a three and half hour exam that evaluates your:

  • Comprehension
  • Logical thinking
  • Analytical skills

After completing your BA LLB from the best law college in Bangalore, you might pursue an LLM to hone your legal knowledge and practice law in India or overseas.

How can you practice law for corporations in India?

Do you enjoy meeting new people and are lured to the attractiveness of busy business life? Maybe you’re also skilled at negotiations. You might decide to train to be a business lawyer in that situation. A business lawyer should have the following qualities:

  • Diplomacy
  • Polished character
  • The capacity to remain calm under time constraints

After completing your LLB course, you can practice corporate law; you must work intelligently rather than laboriously. If you are chosen through a campus recruiting campaign, it will be simple, depending on your skills, aspirations for financial gain, and professional objectives. Another route is to go through interviewers and recruiters at law organizations, such as law firms, partnership firms, and back-end LPO offices.

How does one practice criminal law in India?

Do you like the strength of wearing white and black? You may enjoy rescuing others from difficult situations. Then you should consider being a criminal attorney. In our nation, many people who require legal counsel or are not represented are awaiting trial. Additionally, you can work as a legal aid provider for those without access to counsel. Become a criminal lawyer if your goal is to make India a crime-free nation.


Being given a chance to serve as a lawyer at the highest-ranking regulating body, the Indian Judiciary, is a source of pride and satisfaction. In India, over 20 lakh attorneys practice in various legal fields, including civil, criminal, tax, human rights, etc. Lawyers are educated, credentialed individuals responsible for organizing documents, managing them, and defending or pursuing a case in court.

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