You have to look sharp as a tack at your office. Therefore, you need to hunt for a good dress shirt to look presentable. Long gone are the days when men used dress shirts. Now, women can carry out the professional look effortlessly.

Office wear requires being in proper attire. Moreover, one cannot choose to wear casual clothes simply because they feel like it. Therefore, this post is here to guide you in buying the perfect dress shirt you can pull off. Another thing that matters is whether the dress shirt is within your budget. Therefore, find all and more in this post before choosing a dress shirt.

How To Choose A Dress Shirt:

Finding the perfect dress shirt requires searching continuously. Moreover, you need an office apparel line that suits your tastes. We suggest looking into Edwards’ apparel, as they are the number one office wear clothing line. Choose either Edwards 5027 or Edwards 5077 dress shirts to skim off the wall!

1: The Right Fit

Fit always matters! Therefore, you must consider several factors to make the right dress shirt choice. Firstly, find a snug dress shirt that fits your body perfectly. For this, you need to get an idea of your measurements. Blindly shopping for a dress shirt will make the shirt unbearable to wear.

Next, make sure that the size is just for you. Look carefully at the label of the shirt to know whether it is small, medium, or large. Ultimately, it will be the size of the dress shirt that will determine its worth!

2: Fabric

The fabric determines the overall quality and durability of the dress shirt. Moreover, you need to understand the suitable material that offers comfort and warmth. You must look at the back of the label to know what fabric is in a dress shirt.

Shirts made from 100% cotton should be your ultimate choice. It is because cotton shirts are breathable and soft to the touch. You also must understand these two properties:

Ply: Ply refers to the twisting of yarn. Generally, there are single and two-ply yarns. Two-ply yarns mean that two strings are twisted together to form a yarn. Therefore, two-ply yarns make a durable dress shirt.

Thread count: Another aspect to look into when making a purchase. The higher the thread count, the softer your dress shirt will be. Therefore, a good-quality shirt has a thread count greater than 100s.

3: Collar

Another factor that matters is choosing the correct collar. It is the collar of your dress shirt that will determine the outlook. A stiff and crisp collar makes a professional impression on your colleagues and outsiders. Interlining is the material that makes your collar firm and sharp.

however, you must look into the following collar types to pick your favorite.

Point Collar: They give a prim and proper look. There is a narrow spacing between the collars’ two endpoints (1.5″ – 3″). Moreover, a small space is given to the tie knot to tuck. It is truly a classic look.

Italian Collar: The collar band is taller, whereas, the collar endpoints are more spread out than the usual collars. Therefore, the tie knot is more noticeable in this type.

Button-down Collar: The collar endpoints are sewn with buttons to keep them in place. Initially made for polo sportsmen, it has now made an essential attire in office apparel.

4: Cuffs

Next up is to know the cuffs of the shirt. Cuffs will give you the desired professional look. Moreover, they make a great first impression on important meetings and training.

French Cuff shirts: Also called double cuffs, they will help you in nailing your office presentation! To secure them, use a cufflink.

Button Cuff shirts: Also known as convertible cuffs, these cuffs do not require a cufflink to secure them. Instead, buttons are present on the cuffs to ensure them.

5: Color

Lastly, look into the color of the dress shirt. Wear pastel or light-colored dress shirts to give a pleasant and professional look if it’s summer. In contrast, you can choose dark colors on cold days. You must consider patterns as well. The stripe line pattern gives off a professional look.

Short vs. Long sleeve Dress Shirts

What to choose? Go for Edwards 5027 if you want a short sleeve dress shirt or Edwards 5077 for a long sleeve one. Following are some basic guidelines for you to conclude:

  • Both short and long sleeve dress shirts are formal attire. However, long sleeve dress shirts are preferable during important meetings in the office environment.
  • Often short-sleeved dress shirts make ideal summer wear. Wear your short sleeve dress shirt with long slacks or a blouse to complete the look. Meanwhile, wear long sleeve dress shirts when it is winter. Complete the winter office look by wearing the long sleeve dress shirt with sharp and long trousers.
  • Cufflinks are used only with long sleeve dress shirts. Therefore, you need not worry about securing your cuffs with a short sleeve dress shirt.

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